Twitter now lets you report accounts that you suspect are bots

Twitter updated part of the reporting process. This is especially true when reporting a fake account that masquerades as a tweet, someone, or something that appears to come from a bot. Now tapping the "Suspicious or Spam" option in the report menu will allow you to specify "why your tweeting account contains an option to say it is fake."

Twitter changes today through an official safety account, Applies to all mobile versions of the service. You can see an example of a mobile report flow related to this update below.

Of course, this change will give users the detailed functionality they need in the reporting process, It is still unclear what happens after you send the report to the Twitter safety team. I do not know that registering a fake account will increase the likelihood of being banned. A legitimate group is banned as a result of seeing the system as a fake and making the actual account a fake account.

According to a Twitter spokesperson, "The new reporting flow allows us to collect more detailed information so we can more effectively identify and remove spam, and if we have more to review, we will add more resources to the review process. "

So it's good to know that Twitter thinks about spam, bots, and overall fake account issues very seriously. This reporting change may result in more precautions being taken. The company said it has removed 70 million accounts in May and June of this year in violation of its policy on malicious and spamming in July. Twitter has lost its users quarterly as mentioned in the most recent earnings report as a result of bot cracking.

Though it may not be good for your business in the short term, clear Twitter is seeing the overall integrity of the platform as an important long term goal.

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