Twitter is researching whether it should ban white supremacists

Twitter has begun to analyze if a good idea is that the good idea is to keep white supremacists on its platform. According to Motherboard Twitter has begun to investigate whether its platform is really useful for deradicalization, as part of an investigation into whether it should ban access to white supremacists from the site or allow them to stay and, theoretically, carefully. interact with others about their intolerant beliefs and recognize their mistakes.

"Is it the right approach to unravel these people? Is it the right approach to trying to interact with these people? How should we be thinking about this? What really works?" Vijaya Gadde, legal head of Twitter, He said in a conversation with Motherboard .

To answer these questions, Twitter is working with academics to study how its platform is used and if its theory about de-radicalization really holds up. It is a surprising question to investigate now, 13 years after the founding of the company and after years of reports on how white supremacists have taken advantage of social networks to increase their audience. Twitter also likes to say that it will fix things and then make extremely slow and small changes, so this approach makes a lot of sense from that point of view.

The motherboard spoke with several researchers who seemed perplexed by Twitter. Inaction and skeptic of his late response. You can read the full details in your report.

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