Twitter is making it easier to toggle between latest and top tweets

Twitter started testing the ability to quickly switch between the latest tweets and "tweets" tweets. To alert you to the start of the trial, the @Twitter account says that a small number of users will see the new button, which gives you quick access to the features that are deeply embedded in your app's settings menu. The company initially said it is studying its features in September.

If included in the trial, a new icon will appear in the top right corner of the iOS app. Tap it to get the "Switch to the latest tweet" or "Switch to tweet" option to view the timeline in chronological order or with twitter's algorithm.

The main timeline, launched in 2016, intelligently guesses the most important tweets. However, frequent criticism is often given because the medium used for breaking news is displaying long-cherished tweets. On the contrary, there is a claim that the whole time zone will be completely overwhelmed when most people consider the amount of accounts they are following. Twitter's new toggle feature explores both types of usage.