Twitter is facing an investigation over data collection in its link-shortening system

Irish privacy regulatory authorities have begun to investigate precisely the amount of data collected by Twitter on the URL shortening system,

Survey by Professor Michael Veale of UK General Data Protection Regulation (or GDPR) is a comprehensive European privacy protection law that went into effect in May. According to GDPR, EU citizens have the right to request data collected from a given company. However, when Veale submitted the request to Twitter, the company insisted that there was no data on the link shortening service. Vale was skeptical and wrote to the relevant Privacy Commissioner to ensure that Twitter was holding some of his data.

in progress. The survey first reported by Fortune was confirmed in a letter from The Verge and sent to Veale at the office of the Irish Data Privacy Commission.

"DPC has initiated a formal court investigation in connection with your complaint." We review whether Twitter has fulfilled its obligations with respect to your complaint and that the GDPR or [Data Protection] "[19659006] Link shortening, which was originally developed as a way of storing characters in the limited space of a tweet, has proven to be an effective tool for malware removal and basic analysis collection. Facebook and Twitter all face data collection lawsuits against links shared with private messages, but in any case the wrong thing did not result in any conclusions.

The Verge When spoke, Twitter did not comment, He was actively involved with the Privacy Commissioner

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