Twitter has been storing your ‘deleted’ DMs for years

On Twitter, users can manually delete messages via direct conversations. The recipient keeps a copy unless you choose to delete it. However, a report by security researcher Karan Saini [TechCrunch] revealed that deleted messages are not deleted at all.

Despite the fact that the message has been deleted, Twitter still has all DMs stored for years. People can easily access the archived data from their account by downloading it from Twitter . Saini has confirmed that messages sent to or received from deleted or paused accounts are still accessible.

Bugs are not about bugs, and they appear to be available only to the user who sent or received the message. The fact that Twitter does not delete messages is not a good look for the company when it says . Twitter is at least aware of this issue by saying to TechCrunch "We are investigating this issue to ensure that the full scope of the problem is clear." But it is not a guarantee that there will be no change.

] It is nothing to remind you that nothing on the Internet actually disappears. Even if the company is deleted.

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