Twitter disables tweeting via SMS after CEO gets hacked

Twitter has "temporarily" disabled the ability to tweet through text messages only a few days after hackers misused the function to tweet a racial insult, bomb threat and other raw messages from the CEO's account from Twitter Jack Dorsey. [19659002] The ability to tweet via text was important for Twitter in the early days of the service, but it is more an inherited feature at this point since most people rely on the smartphone application. However, the feature still exists, allowing you to send a text message to a number, such as 40404, and post that message to your account.

That can lead to real problems when someone's phone number is stolen, which is a technique that hackers use more and more is used to compromise accounts because phone operators are often not responsible for protecting them properly. It was what happened last Friday to Dorsey. Once hackers had access to your number, they were able to use text messages to post under your username, even without logging into your account.

Twitter says it is changing "to protect people's accounts". He blamed mobile phone operators, saying they need to address the vulnerabilities that allow this type of misuse. Twitter also said it needed to improve its two-factor authentication system, which is also based on text messages and could be compromised in the same way.

It seems that the text function for tweeting could be kept out for some time in most countries. Twitter says that "soon" will reactivate the function "in markets that rely on SMS for reliable communication" and that it will work on a "longer term strategy" for the function, but did not give details on what it would be

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