Twitch’s new Squad Stream feature will let four creators go live in the same screen

Twitch today announced a new feature designed to help creators improve the profile of smaller streamers on the platform and to better collaborate with each other. The feature, called Squad Streams, will allow up to four Twitch transmitters to be activated simultaneously in a single window, making it easier for viewers to see the action from four different angles and giving the larger channels the opportunity not only to host more creators. small, but to share your screen with the audience too.

Squad Stream is based on existing detection capability features, such as raid and hosting, that have allowed the great creators to highlight others by sending a wave of viewers directly to their channel of choice or directly reflecting to someone the flow from else to be passed on to a larger fan base and subscriber base. Twitch says the goal is to allow "streaming users to actively join other creators to benefit everyone on a channel," according to Hubert Thieblot, vice president of creator experience at Twitch, who wrote a Medium post on the new feature. .

"Creators can join forces directly from the dashboard, transmit content they would not normally broadcast and grow their communities at the same time," adds Thieblot. "Viewers get more angles in the action, a way to more easily support their favorite broadcasts and the opportunity to chat with several excellent communities at the same time, or join a new one."

Twitch is advertising the feature as useful for everything from table sequences to speedrunning sessions. But it's going to be more useful for the more common sections of the Twitch audience that see team arena games and real battles like Fortnite, Apex Legends and League of Legends .

Twitch is not moving away from those clear use cases. In a series of promotional broadcasts designed to showcase the new feature, the company has recruited popular broadcasters such as ex CS: GO pro Michael "Shroud" Grzesiek and Imane "Pokimane" Anys to illustrate how it works. Apex and League respectively. (Twitch is also highlighting more extravagant sequences that include "tarot card readings" and more casual game rates, such as The Sims 4 and Sea of ​​Thieves.)

twitchs new squad stream feature will let four creators go live in the same screen

Image: Twitch

However, it's clear Twitch does not want this to be just a feature for the main creators who play competitive shooters and titles with big e-sports fan bases, as it's also designed to help drive the creators smaller ones with more specific interests. That said, it's going to take a little time for Squad Streams to spread to those types of creators. Twitch says that it is beginning the deployment with Partners, its platform of creators of first level, with Twitch Affiliates to follow.

That is mainly a logistical and technical problem, says the company. Because Squad Streams presents four window transmissions simultaneously, the company needs to adjust the video quality of several transmissions on the fly, a transcoding function that is only available to Twitch contributors at this time. "Most streamers transmit at 720p or more, so without the video quality options, the squad's viewing experience can be exhausting, as it would show up to four 720p + transmissions at a time," Thieblot writes. "Our plan is to make Squad Stream available to Affiliates and all other streamers as we continue to expand our transcoding capabilities."

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