Twitch streamer Ninja reportedly earned $1 million for promoting Apex Legends launch

Battle of Electronic Arts Royal Shooting Game When Apex Legends was surprised at the beginning of last month, it seemed that the entire gaming community was beginning to pay attention once. One of the reasons for the immediate surge is that EA has paid for a Twitch streamer to promote the game. In fact, According to Reuters one of the flags such as Tyler Tiner "Ninja" Blevins of Fortylite may have earned $ 1 million.

Thanks to Ninja's live streaming and social media promotions, Apex Legends [13459004] has attracted more than 13.6 million Tweets followers, more than 4 million Instagram viewers and more than 13.2 million Twitter followers. Now, an anonymous source tells Reuters that his efforts have been reported to be worth seven digits in total.

An EA spokesperson said The Verge did not comment on the contract with the content creators that we worked on with the release of Apex Legends . Since the introduction of game-centric content on YouTube 10 years ago, companies have been pivotal to launching new titles overnight, treating them as influential people,

it's going to tell the creators of the game.

Now, the twitter that owns the space of live streaming and YouTube sharing, Given the attention, launching games to influencers is a new norm. Lee has previously heard that many producers, such as Ninja, have earned exactly $ 1 million (if correct) head-turners for how much money they have made in this deal.

The Verge – Ninja, Michael "Shroud" Grzesiek and Jack "Courage, such as the flag Dunlop, was published on February 4, I continued to play Apex during the day with plays and plays. This has boosted the popularity of EA.

Still, the Ninja was open to his own downtown and social media until February 8 and was sponsored by EA for more than 24 hours. Whether he reveals caution or whether he assumes that the agreement lasts longer is not clear. Nonetheless, after the first month on the market, respawn Apex developer Respawn said the game had 50 million registered players on consoles and PCs, followed by undoubtedly ninjas and other flags.

Ninja is said to have made $ 10 million in streaming in 2018 . In addition to Twitch subscriptions, he also earned revenue from YouTube ads, sponsored Red Bull and Uber Eats sponsorships, appeared on Samsung ads for Galaxy Note 9, and brokered numerous other deals. When he asked about his income by The New York Times he did not deny his monthly $ 500,000 income, but he never gave a special break to the world. "I did not worry, so I tried to hide how much we were making, but now everyone wants to know, this is the best people can do," Ninja said. "It is important that what the parent can see."

It is difficult to say that EA transactions reported in comparison to other ninja trades amount to $ 1 million or have similar secrets compared to other flags. However, I know it has been over a month since its release. Apex Legends grew remarkably fast. Registered users of Fortyite continue to grow to 250,000. Ninja, meanwhile, has resumed streaming Fortnite since it began its eighth season at the end of last month.

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