Twin River is Intel’s attempt to build a dual-screen laptop out of fabric

The wild prototype of Intel's Honeycomb glacier was not the only one we saw in its Santa Clara laboratories. Today, we also give you a first idea of ​​another idea that you can see in your future laptop with flexible or double screen: a chassis made largely of fabric.

This is Intel's Twin River, and it's remarkable no. only by the number of prototypes that were used to discover how to wrap a pair of touch screens of 1920 x 1280 12.3 inches in that combination of polyester, polyamide and lycra fabric, but also how much energy managed to retain within that frame.

Intel says it managed to install a 15-watt, quad-core Intel U-Series processor inside this fanless chassis without overheating, as it's built with an incredibly thin vapor Cooling solution of the camera and combined it with a unique design of motherboard where the CPU is aligned diagonally instead of horizontal or vertical, so it can be much closer to the circuits that feed it .

Intel would not allow us to take photographs of that patented internal design, since it worries that it was designed in reverse, but it showed us a lot of the various textiles that it tested in the laboratory to discover the correct sensation, and a pair of the techniques he used to stretch those tissues around the PC.

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