Twin River is Intel’s attempt to build a dual-screen laptop out of fabric

Intel's rugged Honeycomb glacier prototype is not the only one seen at the Santa Clara Institute. Today, we also offer a fabric-intensive chassis, another idea that can be seen on future dual or flexible screen laptops.

Intel's Twin River and its prototyping to find out how much power it can hold in its frame, as well as how to wrap the 12.3-inch, 1920 x 1280 touchscreen display in its polyester, polyamide, and lycra fiber combinations Only the quantity is explained.

Intel says it can be equipped with a fully quad-core, 15-watt Intel U Series processor in this fanless chassis without overheating . It is much closer to the circuit that supplies it because it provides a chamber cooling solution and the CPU is paired with a unique motherboard design aligned diagonally rather than horizontally or vertically.

Intel is concerned about reverse engineering, so we can not take exclusive interior design pictures, but we showed us a variety of textiles we tried in the lab to find the right impression. Some techniques used to increase the fabric around the PC. Please check the samples in the gallery above. "data-upload-width =" 2040 "src =" = / 0x0: 2040x1360 / 1200x0 / filters : Focus (0x0: 2040x1360): no_upscale () /

Photo: Vjeran Pavic / The Verge

I have seen the screen laptop design many times. In some of Microsoft's surface designs, this combination is not necessarily opaque because you have seen some of the fabric. However, more sophisticated options such as fabric, leather, and wood are good to arrive at the computing scene, and stretchy fabrics can be a particularly useful choice now when folded screen computers like the Lenovo ThinkPad X1 are available.

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