Twice in one month: Microsoft updates new-style Terminal preview

Eliminates roaming settings, makes HTML copy & # 39; incontrovertible & # 39;

  You can establish a fund for the new terminal; we like this

The new Window Terminal, now in preview, supports multiple tabs and background images [19659004] You can now preview Windows Terminal without roam-tastic settings after 0.4 appeared in Microsoft Store in Windows 10, replacing version 0.3 that was released just a few weeks ago.

Windows Terminal is an official open source alternative to the familiar utility of Windows. The team is careful to avoid stating that the new Terminal is an update of the command prompt, since both the command prompt and PowerShell are shells instead of terminals, and the terminal applications simply connect to them. Microsoft also does not intend to remove the existing terminal application, which will continue to be sold with Windows for compatibility reasons.

The new Terminal has features that include multiple tabs, background images and background opacity, color schemes, rich copy and paste and more. The terminal configuration is stored in JSON files, including compatibility with profiles, each of which becomes a menu option to start a new tab, allowing infinite customization.

The configuration includes keyboard shortcuts, initial number of rows and columns, font and size, command to execute when a new tab is opened and the home directory.

Microsoft intends to release version 1.0 this winter, and in the meantime, the preliminary versions are thick and fast.

Version 0.4 has several new features. One of the most obvious is the HTML copy, which is now "incontrovertible", which means that a copy operation always results in HTML formatted text on the clipboard, as well as a plain text version. If you want plain text, you must rely on the receiving application (Word, for example, has a plain text option) or resort to the desperate technique of pasting in Notepad or similar first.

  Curious or illusionist actor is looking behind the red curtain

Microsoft's Windows Terminal preview gets nervous with Azure, but the emphasis on the & # 39; preview & # 39;


In addition, there is a new option to automatically copy when selecting text.

Other The change is that the configuration no longer roams the machines. "We always thought it would be a good idea to go through the configuration, but it really ended up being much more problematic than it was worth," the release notes say. One problem was that the Terminal was blocked when a source was configured that was not installed, after copying that configuration from another machine.

If your JSON configuration is damaged, the Terminal will now display a warning message instead of deleting the configuration and replacing them with the default values. By the way, it is advisable to set your default JSON editor to something light, or you may find that by selecting Settings from the Terminal menu Visual Studio opens.

The team also said that "a wider range of configuration errors will now prove useful rather than useless diagnostics", despite the risk of confusing users familiar with famous Windows dialogues as useless as "the system does not you can find the specified file ". ®

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