Twelve South’s PowerPic hides a wireless charger in a wooden picture frame

Wireless charger is very convenient. Of course, it may not be as fast as a wired option, but if you put your phone on a pad, you will not be charged. The charger may be useful, but I accidentally left the hockey puck on the table because it might be an unsightly pad. That's where 12 South PowerPic's are located. The wireless charger is hidden inside the regular 5×7 frame so you can see the pad neatly.

Twelve South sets your phone's wallpaper to match your prints, so even when you charge, you'll be able to see the picture. Theoretically, a cell phone is actually a better idea because it does not keep the screen bright during charging. You can set it to keep the display manually, but it is not a good idea to have an OLED panel because your phone is flashing. We recommend that you purchase a digital frame instead.

twelve souths powerpic hides a wireless charger in a wooden picture frame

Hardware-side PowerPic: Supports up to 10W wireless charging, fast charging for almost any phone, and cable is a user-replaceable standard USB-C cord. However, the wall is not attached to the box, so it is disappointing considering the price range of $ 79.99.

I was somewhat embarrassed at first, but it seems to have grown to me. PowerPic does not use the desk or bedside table charger more often. Instead, it will replace occasional use only in the kitchen counter or living room.

This is a kind of advanced gadget for $ 80. Generic wireless chargers ultimately work the same way. But above all, if you are a type of person who is favorable to design (and still displays a physical picture at home) it is a fun idea.

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