TurboTax intentionally hides its free tax filing service from Google search results

Tax Day may have already passed. That does not emphasize the suspicious tactics of TurboTax's parent company Intuit ProPublica . According to a new report, Intuit intentionally strives to direct all consumers to paid services for their company, regardless of their income, by preventing Google from undertaking a free tax return service from search results. Intuit has added the code to the robots.txt file on your website, telling Google to leave a TurboTax Free File in the search results.

The Free File service was provided as part of an agreement between the IRS and the tax software company, including Intuit and the H & R Block. The last thing these companies want is to create a free electronic filing process run by the government. So we tried to provide a layer of free services to prevent these problems. Obviously, however, they do not want the route to have the same SEO as the filing service, which brings huge profits.

turbotax intentionally hides its free tax filing service from google search results

Intuit advertises TurboTax's main services for free, but rarely does it.

Both companies advertise their mainstream consumer tax return products for free, but users almost always pay. If they use standard services, they must end federal and state taxes. Free file options are legally free to qualified people. ProPublica H & R Block similarly blocked Google from including true free services in search results.

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While the Free File option is legally free, TurboTax

If you write a bill through Congress, the IRS will be permanently handcuffed and will not be able to build TurboTax alternatives. The First Pay Act requires private industry to keep the Free File program, but if this fraud is happening about making the free class easy to use, signing the bill could make things worse.

"Running a qualified taxpayer who submits for free or blocks free file pages in search results is against the spirit of consensus and raises serious questions about the legitimacy of the program." Senator Ron Wyden (D-OR) Co-sponsor of told ProPublica .

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