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Tsuki’s Odyssey is a new iOS and Android game that is the sequel to HyperBeard’s previous hit Tsuki Adventure. Once again, you play as the rabbit Tsuki, and in this game you return home and learn that your house has been robbed by a raccoon who has stolen literally everything except the carrot farm. Your goal is to earn carrots and rebuild your house while unlocking new characters, roaming town and interacting with all possible people and places.

HyperBeard offers special redemption codes in almost every game it releases. These codes can be used to earn in-game currency (carrots in this case) and are completely free with no purchase required. Each of these codes can only be used once, but you can use them as many times as you want. You can maximize your rewards by using them before they run out.

Read our list of redemption codes and free carrot skills for Tsuki’s Odyssey!

Back in Tsuki Adventure, there were tons of redemption codes that could be redeemed for free rewards. These codes are still being released semi-regularly by HyperBeard, as always, despite the growing portfolio of games. These codes tend to last for a rather short amount of time and correspond to a holiday or some kind of special day.

At this time, there is no known way to enter a code into Tsuki’s Odyssey, and the YouTube channel that tells you there is a way is simply to entice and fake clicks. There is currently no way to obtain or redeem redemption codes, but given HyperBeard’s history, codes and input methods are most likely to be added in future updates as these are the only games currently available. There is a code you can enter. However, there are many other ways to get free carrots, so these codes are somewhat redundant.

One way is to go home and talk to my little friend Draper, who works for Candiru Corporation. When he arrives, he’ll give you a bunch of carrots for free in exchange for checking out the product. If you accept his offer, a 30-second ad will play and you will receive a free carrot upon completion of the ad.

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Of course, constantly make sure your farm is ready to harvest carrots. If you catch up with the harvest, you will get 1 ton of free carrots. Even if you don’t need carrots right away, be sure to double check and collect your harvest. You can also use push notifications to let the game know when your carrots are ready to eat.

Log in daily to check your punch cards and receive all the free carrots (and other goodies) this game has to offer. The more you check back, the better the rewards, and big rewards every 7 days.

Stay tuned for more updates on redemption codes. Because code will be added to the game someday. Included in almost every HyperBeard game to date!

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