Trump tweets he only has one “seldom used” cellphone, via his iPhone

Last night The New York Times reported that President Trump's cell phone addiction could harm national security with Chinese people listening to his cell phone calls to gain insight into US policy. did. .

Trump responded this morning in a typical way . The story was "sooo wrong" and there was no time to fix it and there was only one government issued cell phone. This message was sent via the Twitter app for iPhone.

trump tweets he only has one seldom used cellphone via his iphone

Another message from Trump's "Almost unused government mobile phone".

Now Trump does not necessarily contradict himself. As usual, his tweets, which can be interpreted in different ways, lack clarity. According to Times he claims to have two phones with limited features to prevent eavesdropping and three phones that are "different from hundreds of millions of iPhones used worldwide." So Trump said, "There are people who rarely use government mobile phones," which means that there are not two people in addition to their unsecured iPhone.

As usual, it is impossible to know for sure. And the more obvious message is that Trump thinks he is actually a lightweight cell phone user because he is not feeling so good about his actions. His rallies, policies, and more often, his wishes).

According to the New York Times an administration official worried that Trump would provide confidential information "is frustrated by the fact that the President reveals little of the details of his information and is not orthodox" It refers to the operational characteristics of covert activities. "In other words, you can not at first unleash secrets you do not know.

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