Trump reportedly still uses an unsecured iPhone, and China and Russia are listening in

President Donald Trump reports that the White House routinely calls old friends, business partners and relatives with his personal iPhone, helping China and Russia easily access his personal communications and interests . The New York Times .

Citing a US intelligence report that repeatedly warned President Trump that he should not use the personal iPhone for president and not use a secure White House wired line. Despite warnings, Trump continues to make personal cell phone calls, and the White House has resolved that the president does not want to discuss confidential matters over the phone.

According to the report, the US intelligence agency has good grounds to believe that China and Russia spies regularly tap Trump's calls through human resources within foreign governments and by blocking communication between foreign officials. According to the New York Times, Trump hopes that Chinese intelligence agencies will learn more about Trump's actions and use those close to him to prevent the ongoing trade war with China. It affects policy. Thanks to the close ties between Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin, Russia seems to be operating less sophisticatedly.

The New York Times is a classic information strategy that adapts to the specific circumstances of the president who refuses to adhere regularly and does not follow the Protocol.

China's effort is the 21st announcing the official ruling of decades of civil servants influencing US leaders by building an informal network of prominent businessmen and scholars sold for ideas and policy prescriptions that can be transferred to the White House . The difference is that China, which currently eavesdrops on Trump's phone, has a much clearer idea of ​​who is the most influential person to the president and what effect it claims to be.

Trump has three iPhones, two of which include the National Security Agency, which limits the ability of others to intercept communications or exploit vulnerabilities in devices. Trump's third iPhone is used to call people because it can store Trump's contacts as well as being one of the millions of devices that Americans use every day. According to the NYT it is relatively easy for US and foreign governments to intercept communications when traveling between cell towers and satellites, and knocking out foreign leader calls is considered a highly effective form of modern surveillance It's possible .

Former leaders such as former president Barack Obama used a modified iPhone that could not make phone calls or take photos and only receive messages from special email addresses. This device often did not include a microphone and text messages were forbidden. Trump, on the other hand, uses a device without protection. Trump eventually gave up his relieved Android phone last year, but he created a headline for using vulnerable electronics, but he does not seem to follow the standard protocol. The fact that there is one silver lining here means that Trump does not use emails or texts to reduce the number of potential attacks on foreign institutions and hackers.

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