Trump administration sues California over tough net neutrality law

The Justice Department responded to California 's attempt to restore net neutrality rules in a lawsuit filed by state legislators claiming "they are attempting to destroy the federal deregulation approach. The suit was filed jointly by the Justice Department and the FCC chairman. Ajit Pai (USA Today).

California 's Net neutrality rule, passed by Sunday law, has a significant impact as America' s most populous state and home among the world 's largest technology companies. The DoJ lawsuit is likely to be a key test of the federal neutrality bill, and it decides whether or not it has the right to set its own rules for laws imposed at the national level.

California is not the only country that is trying to regain pure neutrality. The National Assembly announced on August 27 that 30 state legislators have introduced more than 72 bills on various network neutrality principles. Six state governors have signed executive orders, and Oregon, Vermont and Washington have already adopted their own net neutrality rules in line with the FCC's reversal.

"If California is modeled on the model of the country that took action, then other states could follow, and then some of the US companies would be okay, let's go through the federal law," said Nancy Pelosi,

The battle over net neutrality has created strong opposition to both sides of the issue, "said California Attorney General Xavier Becerra, Accusing the Trump administration of ignoring the millions of Americans who oppose it, "he said in California," not allowing a handful of power brokers to direct the speed of information sources or websites. "19659007] Verizon's data coordinator responsible for the fire recently reported that his department's

Meanwhile, the Justice Department told Internet providers that California's new legislation would be "extreme," "illegal," "burdensome," and " Chairman of the FCC, Ajit Pai, argued that harming consumers by restricting so-called "free data" plans that allow Internet service providers to rate data for a particular service as 0.

The Net neutrality rule in the Obama era did not explicitly prohibit practices (for further research), the California new bill is so-called Pai, Zero ratings are popular among others, but others have unfair market advantages over existing Internet services. And gives them the power to choose winners and losers. What opportunities does the new streaming media service offer if the Internet service provider can bundle free access to Netflix without affecting the user's data limitations?

"The Trump Administration is doing all it can to undermine democracy, but it will continue to do the right thing for Californians," said Scott Wiener, a member of the California Senate, who is a supporter of the bill. "Neutral neutrality is a fundamental concept in determining where to go on the Internet, unlike what Internet service providers have decided for us, and it is also about ensuring an equal competition for ideas and corporate competition."

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