Troubleshoot Apple Music with Smart Playlists

Think about your music library for a second. Which of the songs in your library come from Apple Music? Which ones did you add to the library yourself? And which ones have you added to iTunes Match, but haven't yet reached your iCloud library?

These things are a bit confusing. The beauty of Apple Music and the iCloud Music Library is that all your music is there, in one place. But this simplicity also makes it difficult to see what is happening. Fortunately, iTunes is still more than ready and can even divide these songs into individual playlists. Let's take a look.

If you click on the Songs tab in the iTunes sidebar, you can see a kind of Excel view in the form of a spreadsheet of your music. If you click on the column headings to reorder your library, you can cut and cut the view to find exactly what you want.

But it is messy, slow and temporary. It is much better to use another great iTunes feature to make permanent and always updated lists using Smart Playlists. This feature allows you to create all kinds of complex (or simple) lists, based on multiple criteria.

  Create a new smart playlist in iTunes to get started.
Create a new smart playlist to get started.
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Think of your Smart Playlists as powerful saved searches. You can show all the songs you have loved, and when you love another song, it is instantly added to the list. Like beloved songs by Leonard Nimoy, for example. But you can also combine criteria: beloved songs by Leonard Nimoy and Leonard Cohen, which are downloaded and never omitted.

Today, we are going to see a single "rule." "This rule has several options that allow you to filter songs by their iCloud Status .

Create smart iTunes playlists for the status of iCloud

First, create a new smart playlist Go to File> New> Smart Playlist in the iTunes menu bar, or press ⌘⌥N on the keyboard You will see this:

  The iCloud status rule has many options.
The iCloud status rule offers many options.
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Click on the first rule (the default is Artist ) and select Status of iCloud from the drop-down list, then you can click on the third drop-down box to see the variety of options available.

You can choose from the following options:

  • Matches
  • Purchased
  • Not eligible
  • Eliminated [19659018] Error
  • Duplicate
  • Apple Music
  • No longer available
  • Not loaded

Troubleshoot iCloud Music using smart playlists

Several of these are excellent for troubleshooting your iCloud music library. Error Not uploaded and Not eligible for example, can help you find songs that you have added yourself, but that somehow have not been uploaded to your iCloud Music Library . Ineligible can list songs that do not meet the criteria for uploading to the cloud. Not uploaded will not tell you the problem, but it can help you locate problematic clues.

List only your own music

This is my favorite iCloud status playlist. By using the NOT command in the middle box, you can configure the following playlist:

  Show only your own music.
Show only your own music.
Photo: Cult of Mac

That is a playlist where the iCloud Status is NOT Apple Music . This shows only the songs that do not come from my Apple Music subscription. You could also add another line to show only songs whose location is on this computer . Such a playlist would show me only my own music, and only the tracks that exist locally on my Mac.

Apple Music smart playlists also work on iOS

As you can see, you can really drill down using Smart Lists Playback And they also work on your iPhone and iPad. Any smart playlist created on the Mac will sync with your other devices, as long as they are connected to your iCloud Music Library.

You can even edit the name and thumbnail that accompanies it from your iOS device, if you wish. [19659037] If you've never used iTunes smart playlists before, you should check them out completely. You can create some excellent custom lists. I love them, as it helps me find old songs that I had forgotten and listen to new music more easily. Explore and see what comes to mind.

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