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Trading Legend is a new mobile RPG for iOS and Android platforms with a completely unique premise. You play as a young, up-and-coming banker in ancient China, your goal is to climb the social and economic ladder and ultimately become the richest and most powerful businessman you can.

One easy way to get ahead is to use developer-provided gift redemption codes to reward loyal fans who participate in Trading Legend on social media, and even reward new players with small rewards. Take the lead in growing your trading empire. Each account can only use each code once, but can use as many individual codes as they want.

Read our list of gift redemption codes, how to get more and how to use them on Trading Legend!

First you need to go through a tutorial to get to the code exchange area of ​​Trading Legend. Then open the game assistant by tapping the little orange circle around the left middle corner of the screen (usually about half way away from the screen).

Then click on Gift Code Exchange and you will be prompted to enter your serial number and code. This is a bit misleading. The serial number is actually a gift code, and the “code” box contains a captcha that must be copied to redeem the code.

Facebook is a great place for developers to start looking for code, especially for small games like this that may not be officially present on multiple social media networks. Subscribe to our page to be the first to see whenever we post new code. You can also go back to the previous post on the official page to find the code you may have missed.

Twitch and YouTube are great code sources, especially for small teams. This is because developers are more likely to give streamers exclusive code to promote their games using a built-in audience. Take advantage of this promotional deal and access using codes found on videos and streams.

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Go to the App Store where you downloaded the game and go to the review page. There may be code posted in the review. Organize from newest to oldest to make it easy to find code that works today. You need to add code that hasn’t been posted yet.

Go to Subreddit or Facebook groups for games. Because it’s a place where fans usually discuss and share code. Because of that, these are some of the most likely sources for your code. If you haven’t seen the code posted there yet, you should add any code you may have.

At this time, no code has been added for Trading Legend. However, as soon as we have code to share, we will share it, so stay tuned for this article. If you have a code before you receive it, please post it in the comments!

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