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TrackMania 2 Canyon is a free downloadable strange and cool driving game, but it seems as if everything surrounding the game itself is not playing positively. TrackMania 2 driving a car in Canyon is not really what you call a racing game.

In fact, it is difficult to pinpoint exactly what TrackMania is. I think it is really time trial. It’s mostly getting the lap times the most, rather than the race for the wheel-to-wheel cars.

Trackmania 2 Canyon Review

This means that if you are working on a server with up to 200 players, you will still be connected. If you go to a chat room filled with other people doing the same thing, you can see their race as they do their best before the end of time. It is also an online game with a strange and lively community pouring out so many new tracks that you might not see the same thing twice.

Do something horrible to explain yourself to a new player. In fact, it makes it impenetrable, but the key is fun, fun and exciting. It is easy to miss any free time at any given time.

In addition to TrackMania 2 game there is a single player component on the online side, and there are some (and sometimes confusing) ways to measure progress.

You can race offline on the official track of the game. There are basically three ghosts to choose from. It shows the bronze, silver and gold time of the track visually. However, you can also view the game’s online leaderboard to download the ghosts of the world’s fastest strangers faster.

If you win the gold medal time, you will have the opportunity to set an “official” time on the track. This is the way to go to the game’s central leaderboard, and you get a lot of “skill points” depending on how you do it, giving you an overall ranking for offline performance. You can try again if you completely overwrite the official run.

However, you must wait five minutes before you can try again. Anyway perhaps you can use the extra practice time. It was a somewhat controversial change in the gaming community because you can retry the official launch immediately after sending a nominal amount of game currency in the previous game.

Personally, I think they are a bit of a drug addict, but they probably do not put a lot of stock on the single player side of the game.

However, if you are interested in TrackMania’s single player side, you should know that Canyon has been reduced compared to TrackMania United Forever. That part becomes clear by its name. This is strictly a canyon environment and is not a collection of seven tile sets like United.

But on top of that, many of the modes and level styles found in previous games are simply missing. So if you like platforms, stunts or puzzles, you’ll be disappointed with the solo part of TM2. This game does not seem to track the stunt at all, but the stunt is still displayed in multiplayer game mode.

Again, this is not really going to drag me because the Cannon environment is very good and time trial and online racing is part of the game that gives true power to TrackMania. But it is a bit strange to see the sequel trimming too many features.

Trackmania 2 Canyon Cars

The canyon environment is probably the biggest change in TrackMania 2. This is because it provides both the appearance of the game and the steering of the car. Yes, I told the car. In TrackMania, all cars are created in the same environment. With multiple skins to choose from, you can easily find your 3D models online, but you can always handle and drive your car in a way designed for the handle and drive.

The shape of the canyon provides a southwestern atmosphere. There are many plateaus and caves surrounding the track. Car handling gives a similar feel to the Island environment in the previous TrackMania. The car can get super-fast speeds and it is very easy to walk the drift with the rear end in case you need help creating some corner.

Knowing when you can make a full speed turn and drift around a turn is one of the keys to lowering the lap time. But maybe I am beating around the bush. The most important part of Trackmania 2 Canyon game is that it is strange. With the block-based track editor, you can create your own tracks relatively easily and thousands of tracks have already been created.

So if you go online and start hopping on a variety of servers, you can find a lot of tracks you’ve never seen before. Some are designed as “top speed” tracks so you do not have to take your fingers off the gas if you set the right angle for every corner.

Others are more technologically demanding to think about how to sort and handle a set of drift and difficult curve sets. Some are just funny, freaky lines built around finding and exploiting little foolish things. Almost immediately you will begin to recognize the various blocks used to create the track.

But the best track creator combines the blocks in a crazy way. As you can imagine, versatility is to give playback functionality to TrackMania. But it would be nice if all these things were easier to see.

Features of the game

The community of TrackMania game is very dedicated. They should be because the cooler options and features of the Canyon are hidden beneath the surface. You can import many user-created content from new car models and skins to tracks, horns, and avatars. The game features a system with a built-in mini-site that allows users to exchange game calls. However, this system is buried and misunderstood, leading to a better alternative.

A community website designed to distribute tracks, modes, and other in-game information. With the server software’s plug-in system, users can sit at the top of the server and add a music player, better chat options, a widget to vote if they like or dislike the track, and an integrated record system that tells you the earliest time.

Regardless of the server on which time is set, most of the plug-ins on a given track were written for the previous TrackMania, and Nadeo could not integrate the decisive features directly into the game itself right now. Outside the box, the TrackMania 2 game server simply tells you where you are at the moment.

It is great that the community has filled the void. But in some ways there is little discouragement. This is the only problem. The main changes in the Canyon are new environments and new graphic standards. Turn it to the end and it becomes a wonderful game.

But it’s surrounded by a terrible UI that does not seem to be designed for real human use. There’s a serious shortage of manuals for this digital-only release, so the new player continues exactly what it is. It all has TrackMania 2 Canyon game a little behind.

An efficient front end and a more clearly misspelled progression will probably go a long way. But when you dig around and find ideas for exciting driving games, TM2 is amazing.

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