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Top 5 Free Media Players for Windows

This is the best media player for Windows PCs. – You are in perfect position if you want to see the response of this query. In addition to being feature-rich software, media players should be easy, intuitive, and lightweight. Considering these factors, players such as VLC, GOM, and Media Player Classic are all recommended. But what about its attributes?

Here is a list of the top 5 free media players for Windows. –

The name VLC is automatically best. But why? Why do you get great recognition? VLC Media Player is a free and open media player that can be used on many popular platforms. VLC Media Player is built on the VideoLAN project and supports a large number of audio and video compression procedures and document formats. Over time, VLC has gained a reputation as a video player that "plays everything". VLC also inspired the development of multiple media players with the same focus.

VLC is one of the best PC media players due to its quick and easy nature, which does not involve pain relief. The program also includes a number of customization options that you can use to improve your viewing experience and change your player's appearance. You also use streaming media players frequently. Because it is an open source media player, you can check your own source code freely. This cool Windows Media Player option also receives regular updates and has a huge user community. It runs on all Windows systems from Windows 10 to Windows XP SP3. Sometimes this free photo player will continue to offer new features and updates. It is in fact my choice to meet all media playback needs.

Supported Platforms: Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP

Download VLC from here [19659006]   Top 5 free media players for Windows

As the name implies, this is the default media player to be included in the list of best media players. After the first Media Player Classic stopped development, the home theater version is a fan community effort. Together, developers have improved the previous version and created fast, lightweight software. Another section of the first Media Player Classic is Black Edition. Comparing the two, Home Cinema will rank higher and be selected as one of the best media players.

As with all the other programs on this list, Media Player Classic is not available when talking about all the cool features. Packing. But that does not mean it will disappoint you. This free multimedia player can be used on your old computer without hassle. Media Player Classic is an excellent Windows 10 Media Player option and offers a DVD player application, subtitle download selection, and Skype integration on Windows 10.
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GOM Player or Gretech Online Movie Player is a completely free Windows Media Player including built-in support for the most popular video and sound formats. That is, most popular AVI, MKV, MP4, FLV, Video formats In addition to the basic features that come with other popular PC media players, GOM Player also offers innovative features such as AB cloning, media player capture, speed controller, audio and video effects, and screen capture, And gives you the option to highly personalize the overall appearance of the GOM player.
Download a lot of GOM subtitles and download movies in your preferred language You can also connect to a huge database of and a cool media player for your PC This media player application may not support some of the rare types In this scenario, the GOM Player's Codec Finder service GOM Player for Windows supports various operating systems from Windows 10 to Windows XP SP3

Supported platforms: Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP [19659006] Download Gomplayer

 Top 5 free media players for Windows

Another item on the list is DivX Player for Windows. It is the first of a type of media player that offers free HEVC playback. With this popular social media player, you might like UltraHD (4K) playback. DivX players are optimized to play in the most well-known video files, such as MP4, MKV, DivX and AVI. DivX also acts as a streaming media player that can stream music, audio, and photos to DLNA-compatible devices.
The DivX player has advanced features like trick play so you can easily jump to the scene you want. With the help of Chapter Points, you can play back various scenes. A clever media library monitors purchased and private content. Support for multiple audio means you can switch between different soundtracks without hassle.

Supported platforms: Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP

Download the Divx Player here. .

 Top 5 free media players for Windows

KMPlayer is a superb free Windows 10 media player that can play all mainstream video and audio files. Because there is a built-in codec for Windows 10, consumers do not have to search for other codecs. 3D, 4K, UHD support allows users to enjoy high-definition photos on their device.
KMPlayer is famous for its support of various formats. Users do not need to fill in any features or help areas because they offer many features related to video and audio effects. You can select a portion of the movie as a favorite, repeat, and remap the keys on the remote interface.

Download Km Player from here

Top 5 Free Media Players for Windows available

Supported Platforms: Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP

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