Top 10 Best Web Browser for Windows 2021

The web browser is the gateway to the Internet. Choosing a web browser depends on many facts. In most cases, we choose the browser as a suggestion from friends or family. Or even an expert.

When you buy a computer, you find out what comes pre-installed or installed on your device and get used to a specific browser. There are countless reasons.

Close your eyes and think, “Why am I using this browser?”

If you’re an intermediate or expert user, chances are you’re using more than one web browser.

Anyway, let’s stop thinking and this time take a look at Top Ten Browsers!

Firefox logo Windowstan

1- Mozilla Firefox

The most beloved browser! A mature and comfortable browser for years.

First released in 2002, Firefox once dominated Internet Explorer and other kitten browsers. Then Google Chrome appeared and surprised the world with tremendous speed.

The speed difference was so obvious that firefox couldn’t prove itself despite its tremendous speed and features.

This battle began in 2008 and will continue unless one of these gives up.

November 2017 was the new dawn for Firefox!

Disappointed Firefox enthusiasts are astonished at the real speed. It’s not a clear speed difference, but Firefox (Firefox Quantum) has clearly proven to be better than Chrome and the rest of the competition.

Finally Firefox Cheetahs hunt more than lions.

Chrome logo Windowstan

2- Google Chrome

The real champion. Stable, comfortable and fast.

In fact, if Google Chrome can limit hungry memory usage, it could be the number one web browser for Windows.

It’s safe as long as Google (Chrome developer) doesn’t stop monitoring user data. It is used for user benefit, but some users may not like it, and it is not in favor of anyone other than competitors who have emphasized this for their advantage.

Believe it or not, Google Chrome is a real and practical browser. Listen to IT pros and others who boast different browsers with speed, security and performance statistics. Try all one by one (if possible). But in the end, you’ll find that Chrome is the only reliable web browser and best suited for everyday use. You may find a browser that works well for browsing, but after a few minutes, hours, days or weeks we will ultimately conclude the real facts. Chrome is your best bet!

Opera logo Windowstan

3- opera

Unique design. Useful function. Low memory usage.

Opera was once a unique browser with a beautiful interface but a slow speed. People loved this smooth browser because of its unique features and design.

As the browser war enters the speed track where speed is considered the number one winner, Opera has been unable to compete with other web browsers using its old search engine. So I decided to make Opera from scratch. With the powerful new browser engine used in Google Chrome.

Opera tried to perform its own functions with the new engine, but all of these functions were not applicable to the Chromium engine. So, you have to lose your loyal users and start to look like any other common browser.

Opera still offers some unique features like VPN, social sidebar and more. Uses relatively less memory than Chrome.

Microsoft Edge browser logo Windowstan

4- Microsoft Edge

This is the default for Windows 10.

Well, it’s the successor to Internet Explorer developed by Microsoft, pre-installed on Windows 10, offered and advertised by Microsoft on Bing Search and Windows 10. Strategies like Google advertised and pushed Chrome. It gets even more powerful with the Windows 10 installation and the suggestion to use Microsoft Edge on Windows OS.

Apart from this, Microsoft Edge is a powerful, fast and reliable web browser for Windows 10. Although it has very limited browser extensions (add-ons), it has a very powerful solid core engine that can compete with Firefox and Chrome.

In some of the statistics Microsoft displays, the Edge browser is faster and safer with less battery consumption than Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.

Edge is only available on Windows 10. It is not available for Windows 8, Windows 7 or earlier versions such as Windows XP and Win 9x.

Vivaldi browser logo windowstan

5- Vivaldi

Beautiful colors. Endless customization. Killer tool.

If you’re hooked on colors, Vivaldi is for you! Based on the Chrome engine, Vivaldi focuses on design and UI. Probably the best browser with endless customization possibilities.

Vivaldi is a mixture of Opera and Chrome. Bringing the advantages of both, it meets the needs of your daily browsing pretty well.

However, it is not yet a mature browser. Sometimes it’s annoying with old Opera-like features. However, it is said that these features are provided according to the needs of the public. So, you might be lucky if you find the customizations and features you want.

Vivaldi is the treasure of the new web browser world. It makes you pleasant and happy with amazing features.

Internet Explorer logo Windowstan

6- Internet Explorer

Old but gold. You can do things that others can’t.

Internet Explorer (IE) is the default browser that all Windows users should use at least once. It is supported by Microsoft itself, and all Windows releases are preinstalled on Windows 10 as well.

Internet Explorer is a safe and basic browser. It can meet most of your browsing needs. However, it cannot compete with essential modern web technologies.

Internet Explorer (IE) has been deprecated for the Microsoft Edge browser. However, Edge is only available on Windows 10.

IE is very secure and can be trusted by government agencies, tests, banks, etc.

Despite the limitations, Internet Explorer is still essential to work with Windows.

Brave browser logo windowstan

7- cool browser

Surf the web bravely. Safe and private.

Brave is a safe and very secure browser. It mainly focuses on security and privacy. It blocks ads and trackers better than others.

Private browsing mode offers “Private Tab with Tor”. This feature sets the Brave browser apart and makes it truly private.

UC Browser PC Logo Windowstan

8- UC Browser

Clever tool. Powerful engine. Super fast.

UC Browser is an old player in the browsing competition. Basic ad blocker, night mode, image compression, smart download manager, video pop-up and video downloader fill the UC browser with powerful features.

The privacy and security of UC Browser is not reported to be robust. However, besides rumors, there are no problems or real complaints. If you are very conscious about privacy and security, consider the credibility of UC browser on other platforms (mobile, etc.). That reputation is enough to warrant a claim.

Maxthon logo Windowstan

9- Maxthon browser

unique. elegant. Interesting.

The name is Maxthon Cloud browser. Unique browser with cloud synchronization that makes it look different in the crowd.

With native ad blockers, magic auto-fill forms, and resource sniffers for downloading videos, Maxthon offers extra features.

If that’s not enough, night mode, screenshot capture, and custom skins are some extra features that will make you happier.

The only annoying thing about Maxthon is “Maxthon 5”. Days, months and years have passed, but Maxthon 5 is still Maxthon 5. There is no new version for a long time.

Tor Browser Logo Windowstan

10- Tor Browser

secret. safe. anonymous. Secret.

Tor, a chunk of fox skin, uses Firefox as the ultimate anonymous weapon. It’s the most personal tool in exploring the arsenal that no one wants you to discover!

Tor Browser allows you to enter the web without marking so that no one else can find you. It is the world’s most personal browser.

Government and security agencies hate it. Hackers love it. And it’s better not to respect Tor anymore.

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