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Here is a smart list of the top 10 best video converters for Windows (including Windows 10, Windows 7 and Windows 8). These software are ranked according to functionality, usability, and design.

Video to video and audio converters have been around for many years. In particular, the need for video conversion is rapidly increasing due to the storm of multimedia smartphones.

To talk about the golden memories of a time when not all smartphones are the same, multimedia smartphones have revolutionized the world. Nokia, Sony Ericsson and Motorola phones only supported 3gp and some new models had mp4 video playback. The media available on the market were CDs and DVDs in DAT, AVI, MPEG and VOBB formats. YouTube was not my choice and my internet speed was barely sufficient for downloading low-quality images. The video converter was the only bridge that allowed you to play videos on your phone.

This is the generation of Android, iOS and Windows Phone. Nokia, Sony and Motorola have lost the battle, and now Samsung and iPhone dominate the portable media devices. YouTube and other media platforms support mp4, which can be easily played on all modern devices. However, you still need a media encoder/decoder because all devices should play the optimal screen size video resolution. And video conversion is the solution for this task.

Best Video Converter for Windows

There are many feature and performance tests to rank the best converter tools for video. However, some features are really important and significant.

speed vs quality

speed And quality These are the main aspects to consider when choosing a converter for video or audio. The speed is fast but poor quality is unacceptable. Likewise, the high quality but very slow processing speed is intolerable for most people.

user interface

design And UI It is also seriously important. It is a great software to convert video or audio with the best engine and technology, but the rough user interface is not available to most users. It’s like a Ferrari with hidden steering wheel and driving tools. Design is important to users.

Format and Profile

range Supported formats And Device Profile This is desirable and should be updated accordingly. Your favorite video converter software should support your device and the video/audio format you need. Otherwise, it’s useless.

Integrated video editor

Most of the best video converter software has video editor also. Video cutters and joiners, volume enhancers, mono and stereo channels, color profiles and playback speed are some common features of video/audio editors. In addition to this, some advanced software provides a track mixer, hue, saturation, color mixing, and other features.

youtube video downloader

Unlike its golden days, CD/DVD is not the fastest source of multimedia, it’s the Internet. youtube video downloader Integration has become a trending feature. Most of best video converter Video downloader software is also integrated. You can download videos from YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Break and many other video platform websites. What’s more, this feature allows you to convert online videos directly to their original format without first downloading them. It saves bandwidth, disk space and precious time.

burning disc

burning disc This feature is deprecated but not currently overlooked. Discs are still used commercially for digital media in some countries.


price Also very important, most video converters have a free trial version. The free version is time-limited or has limited features, but it’s still good enough for basic video conversion. Some great video converters are completely free to use without compromising functionality or quality. part free video converter even many Better than most paid software in this competition.

1- Handbrake

The most sophisticated and professional. Everything the best video converter can have.

The best and completely free video converter for Windows (Mac and Linux also supported). Handbrake, as its name suggests, gives you ultimate control over your video conversion project. Every single video format detail can be optimized. Just like the vehicle driver controls the vehicle with the handbrake.


Handbrake is a completely free video converter software. Supports all popular video and audio formats. All major smartphone and device profiles are supported. Advanced users can benefit from expert-level adjustments not found in other software.


A very simple interface makes Handbrake look like regular software. This is why it is still underestimated by most experts and beginners.


Handbrake is the most sophisticated and sophisticated video converter. Advanced level controls are in control for professionals who want to manipulate video quality and other aspects.

2- Format Factory

3- Wondershare Video Converter

4- Any Video Converter (AVC)

5- Freemake Video Converter

6- Total Video Converter (TVC)

7- AVS Video Converter

8- Movavi Video Converter

9- WinX HD Video Converter

10- Leawo Video Converter

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