Tinder is now bypassing the Play Store on Android to avoid Google’s 30 percent cut

Tinder's parent company, Match Group, has become the newest and most popular software company in the Play Store, consolidating Google at a 30% rate on all Android transactions. To avoid company payments for in-app purchases for services such as Tinder Gold and Tinder Plus, Match Group cites the new study and recommends entering credit card details directly into Tinder's system according to Bloomberg I will. Macquarie analyst Ben Schachter

This is similar to the move of Epic Games, a popular video game developer, who used a self-downloadable launcher to avoid a 30% We have released the Android version of Fortnite . Unlike paid apps, especially for tinder, which is the most profitable organization in the match group and has the ability to know when someone reads your message from subscription services and other app purchasing options, this software often makes the highest return on iOS Raising is one of the free apps and Android.

In a statement provided in Bloomberg Justine Sacco, a spokesman for the Match Group, said, "In the Match Group, we continually test new updates and features to provide users with convenience, control and choice. Providing experience options and providing payment options is an example of this. "After entering credit card information directly into Tinder's server, the app defaults to the default payment method for all in-app purchases by default.

While accepting Android users, Play The only two companies that publicly bypass the store are Epic and Match, but Netflix A prominent subscription service, such as Spotify, complained about the 70-30 model of the modern AppStore introduced by Apple in 2008, and only months later it was borrowed by Google for PlayStation.

Many companies I consider a 30% cut as a business expense, especially for iOS, which gained a solid judgment on Apple's quality control and ecosystem, some reluctantly regarded it as an "Apple tax." Epic games bypass App Store Store decided to release Fortnite on iOS, but Android is open and therefore more flexible in ways that developers want to make money and reach users more directly.

Despite a firm approach to Apple's App Store commissions, Spotif y filed an antitrust lawsuit against Apple with the European Commission seeking changes enforced by regulation. The European Union is currently investigating Apple's anticompetitive strategy. Spot said Apple's 30 percent cut would make third-party services worse when competing with its products such as Apple Music.

A few years ago Spotify and Netflix proposed a creative way to avoid paying people out of Apple and the Google ecosystem on mobile. Sometimes I surrender to the store owner and raise the monthly subscription price for mobile. As a result, sign-ups.

In August, Netflix began testing in a similar way to Tinder's design, enabling users to register for services directly through a mobile web page that bypasses the iOS App Store. Last December, Netflix did not allow in-app purchases for both new and existing users of iOS.

Apple has tried to appease companies that charge subscription service fees. And lowered the price of the Apple App Store from 30 to 15 percent in 2016. 12 months. Google joined Apple in the fall of 2017. But companies are increasingly struggling to maintain their status quo and are trying to circumvent intermediaries altogether.

It is unclear whether Google will take action to encourage Tinder to skirt a store. In the past, Apple reported that music streaming service interfered with Spotify's iOS app by restricting updates when it tried to circumvent the App Store. We have not taken any action on Epic, but Tinder is still a clear comparison because it's still in the Play store and is still tied to our terms technically. Nevertheless, if Google decides not to do anything, Match Group will lead more apps to encourage users to provide credit card information rather than the App Store, not the Play Store.

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