Tim Cook warns of ‘data-industrial complex’ in call for comprehensive US privacy laws

Apple 's CEO Tim Cook warned of a new digital privacy laws in the United States, and the company' s massive collection of personal data is harming society.

At a privacy conference in Brussels, Cook gave a passionate and intense speech. In recent years, he has expressed public concern about data collection, surveillance, and manipulation and has repeated familiar comments such as a lack of commitment to Apple's commitment to privacy (19459006) (19459006).

] Cook says modern technology has created a data industrial complex in which private and everyday information is "weapons supplied to us by military efficiency". He added that this mechanism affects not only individuals but all societies. .

"The platforms and algorithms that we promise to improve our lives can actually expand our worst human tendencies," Cook said. "The malicious actors and even the government have used user trust to deepen divisions, incite violence and undermine our common perception of whether it is true or false."

He did not mention the cause of the crisis, but his comments clearly state recent events, such as the Cambridge analyst scandal, in which a personal consulting firm that uses personal data from millions of Facebook users to shake the user's political views. Likewise, Cook has never been mentioned by a well-known technology company like Facebook or Google, but it is clear that these were his goals in his critique of indiscreet data collection.

Cook has long supported strong standards for data privacy, Alastair MacTaggart, a US privacy activist who led the revolutionary privacy laws in California, said it "rotates 180 degrees" to technology companies. "One year ago, they were pursuing self-control, MacTaggart Politico

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