Tim Cook is now Tim Apple on Twitter

Apple CEO Tim Cook shrewdly changed his name to "Tim Apple" on Twitter, an apparent reference to the president of the United States, perhaps mistakenly confusing his name at a meeting. Technically, it's "Tim ", but only Mac and iOS users can see the Apple logo symbol.

Last night, at a typical meeting of the Labor Force Policy Advisory Board of the United States. UU Shortly after The Verge reported the error for the first time, it took off on social networks, becoming a trend moment on Twitter. Now, Cook changed his name to show on Twitter in an apparent attempt to laugh at everyone on the Internet.

tim cook is now tim apple on twitter

The Apple character is not a Unicode symbol and, unfortunately, can only be seen in Apple's operating systems. Therefore, if you are using an Android or Windows device, you will only see a blocked square or other "could not be rendered" symbol.

All these non-Apple symbols are practically unpronounceable and mean nothing to the average person. The one under this paragraph for example? That could also be "Tim Xbox."

tim cook is now tim apple on twitter

Cook's new name is seen from an Android device

Here are some other ways that the symbol appears on non-Apple devices:

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1552018024 157 tim cook is now tim apple on twitter

If the original clip was missed in some way, the last night, here it is:

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