Tim Cook defends multibillion dollar Google search deal despite Apple’s privacy focus

Tim Cook advocated a deal with Google despite a searcher's past criticism of his casual attitude toward user data. This commentary, which was broadcast as part of an interview on Axios on HBO asked why Cook is comfortable with Apple receiving billions of dollars from Google to build its default search engine. Protect your privacy.

In response to this question, Cook emphasized security and privacy measures that Apple built directly into the Safari browser, allowing users to access the "best" search engine.

"[Google’s]" I think the search engine is the best, see what we did with the controls we built, we have private web browsing We have intelligent tracker protection, what we've tried to do is find a way to help the user through the course of the day, it's not perfect, I'll be the first person to say it, It goes a long way. "

Apple is making $ 3-9 billion everywhere in deals with Google, which seems to have a default search engine on its Safari web browser and Siri web search. There are browsers that focus on privacy, like DuckDuckGo, but Apple is concerned about Google's service revenue and privacy, combined with Safari controls.

Last month, Cook warned against a "data industrial complex", calling for comprehensive US privacy laws. On Sunday, he told Axios that some level of government regulation on Silicon Valley was inevitable. "I believe in free markets, but when free markets do not work, we have to admit, and here it is not working, I thought a certain level of regulation is inevitable."

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