Tidal’s Master quality recordings are now available on iOS

Tidal's "Master" quality recordings, which are high-resolution MQA music tracks from the broadcast service, are now available to listeners through their iOS application. The announcement follows the launch of the function on Android phones in January. The master-quality audio was first available to Tidal's desktop listeners in 2017.

High-resolution audio, which is defined as anything with a higher bit rate or sampling frequency than the standard 16 Transmitted through MQA, a technology that allows the file to be effectively compressed to the same size as a standard CD-quality audio file. Previously, it was necessary to obtain all the benefits of MQA using a device with an MQA hardware decoder (such as the LG V30), but this is no longer necessary due to a software decoder included with the Tidal application.

If you want to try With Tidal's quality songs, you must subscribe to your high fidelity subscription level, which currently costs $ 19.99 per month. The tracks are available with version 2.7 of the service's iOS application. You will know that you are listening to the highest quality track when you see a small "Master" label at the bottom of the playback screen.

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