TicPods Free Review: Incredibly Comfortable Truly Wireless Earbuds with Fussy Controls

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    TicPods Free Mobvoi's $ 130 True Wireless, but not the best

  • 8 – Fantastic, with some footnotes
  • It is an earbud and it is really great. In fact, they are very close to perfection. Convenient and comfortable. Despite gesture control and weak bass, I still love them.

    What we like

    • It is surprisingly convenient.
    • They are very comfortable after a few hours.
    • They stay in place.

    And not what we do

    • Can not customize gestures
    • Not enough battery notification options

    Design: Small and convenient

    Let's talk a little bit about design. It is probably my favorite for TicPod. They are very convenient . Like all the sets of true wireless earbuds on the market, they fit into a small pocket-sized small charging case. That means you can carry it anywhere.

    Besides that they are very easy to connect. The second time you enter the pairing mode, remove it from the case when you first pair with your phone. After that, you will be connected immediately. When they reach my ears they are already connected and ready to go. Too fast.

      TicPod in my palm
    Is your taste too red? Do not worry. They also have white and blue colors. Cameron Summerson

    When I did that, I made my own earphones on the go. I have several sets, such as wired and wireless, but some headphones have reached about 90% of TicPod when needed. It does not sound as good as others to explain in detail below, but convenience invalidates all compromises. all.

    Of course it is not perfect. The case fills the birds when they are in the case (it is always full, assuming the case is dead). There is not enough option to tell the charge level of case or earbud. There are two settings.

    • Red: Less than 10% charge

    Yes, that's all. It's pretty awful. Likewise, let Mobvoi blink some green, some medium options – 10-49% or something. This does not trash it all or nothing.

    Wear and comfort: like my ears and gloves …

    A wise man has something that Mobvoi should have carved in with TicPods Free (TicPods Free), once called True Wireless Earbuds (TicPods) is. Straight out, these jokers entered my ears as they were designed to live there.

    Cameron Summerson

    TicPod is a set of several silicon tips, because everyone will have the same experience. They are basically shipped in a larger set of two sets. This will work for most people, but if you are small and precious, a small one would be nice. There is a cute little ear hole.

    Since I wore TicPod, I wore TicPod quite heavily. I wore them while mowing the yard, shopping, sitting at the desk, walking around the park, and exercising. Worn for 10 or 15 minutes at a time, worn for 2 to 3 hours at a time. But regardless of what I am doing, there is one obvious fact. People, these are very comfortable.

    They have mostly ears and gone. They are super Light. So they do not seem to be there. It's good. And again, they are comfortable. Maybe it's the most comfortable earbud I've ever worn. Of course it is quite subjective but worth mentioning.

    They slipped from time to time while staying in my ears and had a slight slip and needed a quick recalibration. Most of the time while exercising hard with crazy sweat. It makes sense.

    Features and uses: Fits well with demanding gestures

    Wearing a TicPod proved to be a good experience, but it was the hardest to use TicPod due to gesture-based interactions.

    There are basically some main actions.

    • Swipe up and down to adjust the volume. It works on both sides.
    • Tap twice to skip tracks.
    • Press and hold the left button to pause.
    • Long press on the right button brings up the Google Assistant.
    • Pause music / Insert buds.

    They are very useful but not perfect. For one, they can not be customized. I like how to change the command specified for a given gesture . For example, double tap on the left bird to return to one track and move the right bird forward. Just double tap to skip buds. It does not make much sense to me.

      TicPod lying on OnePlus 6T
    Cameron Summerson

    Second, when you need to tweak your earbuds, sometimes the tweaks are interpreted as follows. Double-tap and skip the playback track. I would like to say: because it happened over 70% of the time, it is much more disappointing than it should be. It is stimulating.

    Third, the long press function of both buds is straight garbage. It takes about 1.5 seconds longer than that. It feels like you're holding on forever. It seems to be too small to point out, but the tap-and-hold behavior should not exceed 1.5 seconds in total, but doubles in 3 seconds. It also feels like you are standing with your earbuds paused to pause while realizing that it took a long time rather than three seconds. It's just a janky gesture and can be turned off.

    That is my biggest complaint about TicPod. I would like to have a way to change, modify, or disable gestures, especially for individuals. However, it is not possible within the Mobvoi app.

    Sound quality: Meaning, it's okay.

    If you have to pick the biggest disadvantage of TicPod is sound quality. It's not that bad because it suffers from the same problems that other true wireless sprouts have. There is very little bass response.

    I think the bass is not everyone 's car, and it' s great, but all the music needs some bass. It does not need to rattle your brain and everything, but bass can be the low end that defines music, or genre, most of the time. But with TicPods, you would not get it. Some frequencies do not even register with this little guy. It is a clue.

      TicPods in the case
    Cameron Summerson

    To be honest. Earbuds of this type have a lot of technology in a minimal space, eliminating the space for larger drivers. As a result, you've guessed it. The bass is diminished.

    Now, TicPods do offers excellent audio clarity. They may lack the bass, but that does not mean they are sharp or even hoarse. Beyond "where the bass is" provides clear and clear sound quality. So if you are looking for a true wireless earbud set to put in your headhole, I recommend this.

    Another disadvantage is that it is only one of the earbuds I've ever worn. I can still talk to real people in the same room as me. They do not block the canals in my ears, so everything that does not come out of the bud sounds silent and makes a terrible sound, so I can still hear what people are saying to me. With another pleasure, I can speak to those people using what is called a "conversation". All without removing my earbuds!

    They also work very well for phone conversations. I hate to always wear earbuds (or noise suppression) when talking on the phone because I can not hear enough of my own. I will breathe in my head and I can not stand it. But I can talk to them because TicPod does not stop my hearing very much. I like it because it is useful for long conversations and video chatting.

    Conclusion: Despite the disadvantages, I love them.

      TicPod Case
    Cameron Summerson

    Both wired and wireless Like a mid-priced headphone with a pair, the TicPod takes up about 90% of the time when headphones are needed. Why? Because they are just very convenient.

    What is emphasized here can not be exaggerated. A true value wireless earbud is convenient. It is not sound quality. In the case of TicPods it is not comfort (although it is a big selling point for me). Easy to use. The case is small so you can easily put it in my pocket and take me everywhere. They are immediately connected. No on / off; You do not have to wait for a connection. There is no cable to be messed up. They work quickly and immediately. And they just hang up quickly and easily. Not to mention the $ 130, it's cheaper than the cheapest AirPod starting at $ 160.

    But at the end of the day, comfort and convenience are the names of true wireless earbud games. TicPods is an excellent place.

    • This is our favorite place.
      • It is surprisingly convenient.
      • Maintain comfort during intense exercise.
        • Can not customize gestures
        • Not enough battery notification options
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