Three new Nintendo Switch Joy-Con pair styles could soon be on the way

The Nintendo Switch is the most successful console that Mario's house has launched for years, but it has not been without problems, that is, those around the sticks of Joy-Con controllers sometimes move away from where a player points them out.

This is a big problem for precise competitive players, but now it seems possible that Nintendo has the answer in the form of a series of new Joy-Con designs. We have already seen a patent for the flexible and transformative Joy-Con style, and now the new patents discovered by the SpelComputer Museum (through Lets Go Digital) point to an alternative range of official Switch controllers to meet the needs of each player.

A Joy-Con for all seasons

Patents detail not one, but three new styles of Joy-Con that may one day be available for the regular edition console, in case Nintendo explains the potential of The designs.

First is simply a wider pair of Joy-Cons to accommodate players with bigger hands. The original Joy-Cons switches are quite small, and the larger design here would still be able to accommodate the game coupled with the connected pads (and the possible even greater battery capacity for when they were also disassembled).

Things get a little strange with the second set, which completely eliminates Joy-Con analog sticks in favor of two old-school D-Pads, like the one found on the Nintendo Switch Lite. This may favor 2D platform games and retro titles that Nintendo now serves along with its Nintendo Switch Online service, and it is certainly better than the split D-Pad commitment that Nintendo had to make in the original Joy-Cons Switch. However, it is less useful for controlling games that work in a 3D space, or first-person shooting games, which require precise camera control.

The final design is equally strange: it keeps the analog sticks (here they are placed symmetrically opposite to each other) another in the center of the pads), but also places a D-Pad on them in each Joy-Con. This leads to the A, B, X and Y buttons being divided on both sides of the Joy-Cons, while the "+", "-", "Start" and "Screen Capture" buttons are completely removed. Closer to the original NES pads, we find it difficult to discover who these words serve apart from the dedicated retro players. That said, it could accompany a software not yet revealed for which they would be perfect.

Note that the Nintendo Switch Lite Joy-Con pads are attached to the case and are immovable, which means that these controllers would only work with the original Switch, or potentially, and the Nintendo Switch 2 console that Nintendo could have planned.

As always, a patent does not necessarily mark Nintendo's intention to move forward with a final retail product. But since the Joy-Cons continue to cause concern, you can imagine that you are considering your options while looking for ways to expand your line of accessories at the same time as well.

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