Destiny 2 Thorn Quest guide 2020

The Destiny 2 Thorn Quest guide 2020 included all the quest steps to catch the spiny exotic hand cannon of the Destiny Cardigan season.

The reintroduction of the bungee to legacy exotics continues in the Deliver of the Destiny 2, season, and only the infamous thorns do not come back.

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About Thorn Quest

The original fate people will remember the crucible’s complete madness when the thorns come to the village. Everyone was taking advantage of powerful privileges for each other’s two shots.

Thorns remain almost the same for Destiny 2 because they still retain damage for some time (the predator’s mark) and other perks that feed them (soul predators).

The shot that touches the enemy deals damage over time, leaving a Remnant piece if dropped. Pick these up, fill some of the thorn magazines, and buff the next damage tick.

But bungees are not free. You’ll have to complete a long questline, but here’s all the information you need to help you plan what you need.

Here’s how to complete a loyalty quest:

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1. Independent Studies

You should head to the salt mines of the EDZ. Continue deep down the road until you reach a room full of fallen enemies. If the path is shaking properly, it is next to the box and the platform. This room has a Transmat machine or, in essence, a personal teleporter. Interacting with it will teleport to another location in the EDZ.

Along the way, the road to the right is blocked by a huge energy field. Instead, look to the left to see a small path along the cliff edge. Follow this path and you will see a ruined camp. The fire just happens. Stand on fire and interact to start a quest.

2. Unknown weapon

The project is going well. The gun now sounds mechanical, but it’s just a gun. There is no inherent power. After all, I have to reconnect it to the light, and the vast dark secret of the void looks like the most promising way.

Defeat the Guardians in the crucible using Void Energy or Hand Cannons. Precise stripes with Void Hand Cannon show the most efficient progress. Progress is multiplied in Iron Banner or Competition Crucible matches.

3. Molten Metal Lump

Despite the burn damage, this weapon is a legendary weapon that can break the Guardians of Light from thorns. A follower of the infamous Guardian Killer, Shadows of Yor is famous for carrying thorns. This is broken but I think it can be fixed. A reputable (and discreet) gunsmith knew where to start. Bring Ruined Thorns to Banshee -44 on the Tower.

4. Binding

Lastly Sapphire Wire in the Guardian class component list is another product that Hunters had previously preferred because of its variety. Sapphire Wire, like Plasteel Plating, was another victim of the Red War

Collect sapphire wires by completing Ana Bray’s bounty on Mars, killing crucible hunters, or completing the Escalation Protocol wave. Escalation protocol waves allow for the most efficient progression.

5. Break Scream

During the conversation with Tira, she mentioned the Headed Path, a kind of primer that transforms an ordinary hand cannon into a thorn. Shine in fear. Feed your weapons to death. Bind it with a bottle. Fear, death, disease … Everyone looks like Titan’s nest. After defeating Arbiters, Sardar and Telish, strike a “Savathûn’s Song” strike in Titan to bite Savathûn’s Song.

6. Essence

Banshee recommended several rare parts that can be used to restore destroyed thorns to a working state. The first list was once the Hdronic Essence, a dense grid of warlocks and wheat clusters, once favored as an infusion of warlock weaves.

Collect Hard Nick Essence by completing Bounty on Io’s Asher Mir, killing the crucible’s Black Mage, or completing a strike at dusk. At nightfall strikes are most efficient.

7. Steel

Next to the list of required components is Plasteel Plating, a durable hybrid plastic that Titans prefers due to the balance of strength and workability. Plasteel is not something craftsmen can use these days. The Red War has killed the city’s DIY supply chain.

Collect Plato Steel Platinum by completing the bounty on Titan’s Sloane, killing Titans in crucibles, or completing encounters in blind wells. Encounter Hero Blind Well provides the most efficient progress.

8. I still have it

Your thorn humming with the hungry indifference of the void, but nothing is essential. You know that the original thorn is closely connected with the Hive.

If you wander around the tower and ask mentors about the source of the forbidden weapons, you have a bad idea, but there is a quiet place to ask. Where a knowledgeable password is of the road settled to do its work peacefully and quietly…

After completing this task, you will receive a Destiny 2 Thorn Quest.

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