This week’s Simpsons focuses on League of Legends

League of Legends will be one of the focal points in the Sunday episode of The Simpsons. The crossover will give the fans of the show a glimpse into the world of electronic sports and PC games, while fans of League will stop working The Simpsons will be a reason to tune in

Whalen Rozelle, co-director of e-sports at Riot Games, tells The Verge that The Simpsons communicated last year to learn more about ] League ] e-sports, as executive producer of the series, regularly drives the electronic sports field of League on the way to work. "This episode was not sponsored in any way, they came to us organically to help check the episode," says Rozelle. "We worked very closely with the team of Simpsons reviewing the script and sharing comments on specific questions. they had while they were planning the episode. "

Rozelle says that Riot gave advice on what the characters would say, like GG for" good game ", and shares what the game champions League of Legends look like. says the company "did not set any parameters around how League of Legends could be represented, and had no veto power." He has not yet seen the final product: "Let's look at it for the first time with all the others. As big fans of Simpsons we are very excited to see what they can think of! "

As for whether League fans could be crazy if the show shows players in a negative light, or adds to the stereotypes that surround them, Rozelle says:" No, in While some people may have dated the assumptions about what the stereotyped player looks like, we believe that the growing popularity of sports, streaming and game culture has shown that players are an incredibly diverse community. The Simpsons is a satirical comedy, and our community understands it. "

Here is a clip of the next episode here:

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