This week’s deals will save you money on the new Echo Dot, Pixel 3 preorders, and more

There were many more deals this week than usual. Regardless of whether you are interested in new smartphones, game consoles, smart speakers or smart displays, there is much more to analyze and that trend will continue into early 2019.

You can now pre-order Google Pixel 3, and there are some special offers for early buyers. Verizon and Google's Project Fi use different terms, but they offer one-to-one purchase promotions for new phones. Verizon's BOGO contract is limited to 64GB Pixel 3 and is suitable for both new and current subscribers. Buy Pixel 3 at Best Buy and get a $ 100 gift card when you buy. Project Fi's promotion, on the other hand, is only valid if you add new people to your plan.

All eyes are on pixel 3, but Pixel 2 XL is a good option. My mind was stable about last year's technology. With Best Buy, you can reduce your costs by approximately $ 22 for up to approximately $ 300 for 24 months by paying through Verizon's payment program. You will only pay $ 599 after activation. This transaction ends on Saturday, October 13.

We posted better and better news this week. One of the more impressive products announced last Tuesday at the hardware event is the Google Home Hub. You can earn $ 50 by creating a smart home bundle at Best Buy at a very affordable price of $ 149.

this weeks deals will save you money on the new echo dot pixel 3 preorders and more

Microsoft and Amazon worked together to provide Alexa technology to Xbox One. To celebrate collaboration, Amazon is offering a new Echo Dot when purchasing an Xbox One S or Xbox One X console.

If you are a PC gamer, Newegg will cut the price of some graphics cards. We sell the Nvidia GTX 10 series and AMD Radeon RX 500 series GPUs with a 10% reduction in sales code to EMCEPER22 .

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