This week’s best deals include Kindle e-readers and Google Play Store discounts

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Much of this week's best-selling products came from Best Buy, and most are still open this weekend. I repacked a few things below, including discounts on the waterproof Kindles (which do not have built-in Amazon annoying ads) and Ring Video Doorbell, which comes with Echo Dot smart speakers. There are other great deals to sort out like the big sales of the Google Play store, and there are hundreds of refurbished iPad Pro (2018) at regular prices.

The previous generation of Kindle Oasis, Amazon's lock screen ads, with 8GB of storage and no special offers is $ 174.99 (usually $ 249.99) at Best Buy. This is cheaper than the latest generation of oasis.

The latest Kindle Paperwhite with 8GB of storage and special offers costs $ 84.99 (typically $ 129.99) at Best Buy. . A much cheaper and pixel-dense display (300 ppi) is provided than an oasis. There is also waterproof.

Ring Video Doorbell is $ 69.99 from Best Buy ($ 99.99) and includes free eco-dots (3rd generation) upon purchase.

this weeks best deals include kindle e readers and google play store discounts

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Daily Steals The price of refurbished technology and Readers of The Verge added coupon code VERGEBOUT to all items on this page You can save $ 10. If you want highlights, the 11-inch iPad Pro is one of them. Tablets with 64GB of storage and Wi-Fi + LTE connectivity cost $ 669.99 (typically $ 949). The 256GB configuration that supports Wi-Fi and LTE is $ 769.99, slightly over $ 300 in average price.

It is important that this iPad Pro is refurbished. They are in a "Grade A" state, and Daily Steals interprets it as a good state, but says "there is little scratch on the case." Each tablet includes a 90-day warranty, and the two-year warranty is $ 96.99.

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Google Play offers apps, in-game purchases, audiobooks, TV series bundles, books and movies. I can see all sales here, but my favorite is American (1-6 seasons in FHD resolution) is $ 35.99.

If you have not seen this program, you should do it first. This is the master class for pacing and character development. Besides, the elevator pitch is very interesting. To steal information from the FBI, two KGB spies (and totally pathetic children) move to Washington DC during the Cold War. Neighbors are just FBI agents. There is tremendous tension and I can not stand six seasons.

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