This speaker stand is magnificent

Q Acoustics is well known for its thousands of dollars of advanced audio file loudspeakers and is the latest version of the Concept 300. But once in a while, the star itself is not a speaker. Each Concept 300 speaker comes with an excellent aluminum tripod that provides functionality.

The Tensegrity stand, named for its structural principle, is an industrial-grade tripod made of aluminum tube. And stainless steel cable. The idea of ​​tensegrity is the concept of fluid compression. The completeness of the structure is not just a tripod but a balance of tension (cable) and compression (tube). This creates a self-supporting structure that is unaffected by the bending force and distributes good vibration to the speakers.

this speaker stand is magnificent

Image: Q Acoustics

Digital Trends says the company has arrived. In this particular design during a brainstorming session, when someone proposes richly to detach speakers by jest. Floating compression is particularly appropriate when it seems particularly good.

The speaker is on four springs and on the top of the stand is a separate base plate integrated at the bottom of the speaker cabinet. This ensures a solid support system for the speaker and creates a suspension system that converts the vibration energy of the spring into heat. Q Acoustics says that all of these results can better control the bass response and stereo imaging.

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Images: Q Acoustics

Some will be hated by the fact that you have to buy a speaker with a stand. I have to listen to Concept 300 by accepting the concept of Q Acoustics. I was more annoyed by the fact that I could not buy this stand alone (whether or not it was designed for this speaker). Most speaker stands are ruthlessly lumpy, and practical things are meant to be hidden, not elegant. The mockery of the Q Acoustics beauty shot, the Tensegrity stand, shows what I can not have.

What I need to know is that you need to know something about the actual Concept 300 speakers. They each contain a heavy, 6.5-inch mid / bass driver and a 1.1-inch high-frequency driver at 33 pounds. The mid / bass driver is fixed with a spring tension fixing bolt and is used for two purposes. Because the screws are hidden, a more pleasant aesthetic is possible, and the torque is kept constant without adjustment. The tweeter has a split mount that makes it closer to the mid / bass driver without unnecessary vibrations that compromise the integrity of the sound.

Q Acoustics Concept 300 speakers with a Tensegrity stand – glossy black / rosewood, gloss white / oak, silver / ebony and will be available for sale at $ 4,499 in March 2019.

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