This robot hits you in real life when you get hit in VR

If you love the immersive experience of virtual reality fighting games, but felt that you lacked the real physical damage component, this robot is for you. Robotics engineer and creator of YouTube, James Bruton, has joined students at the University of Portsmouth to create a robot that fights humans in real life while playing in virtual reality.

The robot rotates on a wooden base and has pneumatic drilling arms made of 3D printed parts and foot pumps. It feeds from an Arduino Mega interface, while the Live trackers track the robot's arms, headphones and the player's baseball bat. The movements of the robot are synchronized with a custom virtual reality game, and it uses boxing gloves to soften the blow so that the players are not killed.


It's a pretty fun concept, but it seems totally like an idea created by people who grew up as children only. If you want to be beaten in real life, can I suggest you look for an older brother?

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