This pen that doubles as a phone is either a brilliant idea – or completely dumb

At least on paper, pencil phones seem like a good idea; otherwise, why more than 2,000 people would invest almost $ 150,000 in the Zanco smartpen on crowdsourcing platforms? Smart intelligent technology, for the most demanding entrepreneurs. The truth is sad, far from that.

Considered as "the mobile phone that can be written", which we believe means that this is a phone that can write on K07 is the only real pen phone in the market. Unlike the Stilt, this one has a pen that works even without a battery and is priced at just $ 27 credible.

Innovative technology

However, the corners have been reduced to reach that price. It offers telephone capabilities but only in 2G. Not a big deal to be honest, since the 2017 Nokia 3310 was also a 2G device. You can take two SIM cards (yes, two) or change one of them for a microSD card, an essential complement since the K07 has only 32 MB (yes, megabytes) of memory.

However, it also has Bluetooth capabilities such as small physical buttons that would require something sharp and pointed, like a pencil, to enter the phone number. There is even a camera with a resolution of 0.3 megapixels, voice recording capabilities, a built-in FM radio and, surprise, surprise, a flashlight. It is a pity that there is no laser pointer.

However, best of all is that it is available in three colors: red, black or silver. We are so intrigued by this spy phone that we have requested a sample for quick practice. Will you ever join our best smartphones or best business smartphone buyers guides ? Pay attention!

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