This Japanese robot contractor can install drywall

The Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (AIST) has developed a humanoid robot that can perform simple construction tasks such as drywall installation. In the video above, you can see how the HRP-5P robot climbs up to the drywall, how to move it with a rotating hand using the clasp, and how to nail into the wall. This robot, first discovered by TechCrunch works as fast as a teenager doing Habitat for Humanity, but still works.

AIST imagines that HRP-5P will be used in construction sites. Japan's aging and labor shortages. The lab is aiming for autonomous replacement work on assembly sites of large structures such as buildings, homes, aircraft and ships

this japanese robot contractor can install drywall

The robots first map the environment and use high-precision AI markers to detect objects [19659004] AIST

This development makes two prophecies that have been in production years in fact. According to a 2013 Oxford University study quantifying the possibility of automating tasks, the probability of actually replacing the extremely special task of the Drywall Installer with a robot is 79%. The construction industry has been cautious about outsourcing labor to robots for a long time, and few robots have already been able to perform tasks such as building bricks, carpentry, and tiling.

The second prediction is right in front of our face: all stock photos of a robot contractor installing a drywall that exists for any reason. Life imitates art.

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