This could be Apple

Apple is supposedly testing new Face ID prototypes with new optics, and some are small enough for the company to reduce the notch on its future phones, which could include the next iPhone 12 series.

Apple is working on multiple variations of Face ID components, according to the Ben Geskin filter with PhoneArena tracking information. This includes lenses that will make the notches smaller, or potentially even small enough to fit on the top bezel of the phone.

In addition, the new Face ID parts could be faster and safer, as well as allow scanning from different angles, even while lying down.

The different, and perhaps smaller, notch would only reach the (supposedly called) iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max. This is supposed to be due to cost reduction in the basic iPhone 12 (as in the previous iPhone 11), but, good news, the new flagship budget will abandon the 2019 model LCD screen in favor of an OLED. Great news if it's true.

But wait, there is more: rear cameras and 5G

The leaked information continues, suggesting that the rear camera block will remain, although phones may have a Flight Time sensor, while the flagship budget The iPhone 12 could get one, or add a telephoto lens.

The bodies of the phones will have wider antennas at the top, bottom and sides, more than 1 mm thick, so that they are supposedly compatible with 5G networks, which were expected to support all iPhones 2020.

Finally, although iPhone 12 Pro models are expected to change to USB-C at last (while the flagship budget stays with Lightning), the leaked information suggests that Apple's final plan is to get rid of the ports completely : Charging will be done wirelessly, while ultra-broadband (UWB) technology will be used to transfer data. That plan without ports will not be implemented until 2023, concludes Geskin's information.

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