This clever scam lets advertisers make money by draining your Android phone

Remember, theoretically, battery and cellular data can potentially be consumed in the process when you learn that a web page or app can steal processor cycles and try to decrypt it. BuzzFeed reports that ad networks have found similar scams. Profitable and power-hungry video ads are hidden behind traditional banner ads in Android apps, so users do not know where they are. 19659002] According to BuzzFeed you are not an app developer who is not responsible for developers, and was surprised when apps complained about their battery consumption and legitimate data share. Instead, the report found that the ad networks they joined were abducted by scammers within the large advertising business. BuzzFeed BuzzFeed said that BuzzFeed was

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was a cheap banner [It'snotjustaboutsacrificingnotjustconsumersbutalsoadnetworksasyoubuyadsandpopulatethemwithcostlyvideoadsandprofitfromtheprocess

Obviously this technology is already named. They are known as the "in-banner video ad", and an ad scam company that has spoken with BuzzFeed can read the full study of "tens of millions of dollars

BuzzFeed .

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