These Chinese sanitation workers have to wear location-tracking bracelets now

China has a reputation for citizen monitoring. In many places in China, we are constantly using automotive RFID chips, face recognition sunglasses, and self-made location tracking uniforms. Last year's headline. Now you can add hygiene workers with GPS-equipped tracking bracelets to the list.

On April 3, a hygiene worker in Nanjing, Hexi District, China, was always required to wear a smart bracelet for GPS location tracking, but it would tell the hearing impaired if it did not move over 20 streets. minutes.

these chinese sanitation workers have to wear location tracking bracelets now

Image: Jiangsu City Channel

The South China Morning Post reports that one day the massive pressures that the local sanitation company decided to step back a little. You only need to remove the most unpleasant parts of the system. Now the bracelet will no longer say "continue work" when workers decide to stay in one place, but they will keep track of the same worker.

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Originally found in the Jiangsu Channel Video Report (Weibo login required here), it shows that the worker is being tracked on the map as a pin.
Image: Jiangsu City Channel

I'm not sure if the results will satisfy the public, but I think it depends on how the news is delivered to them. Strangely, The South China Morning Post's headline reads "Workers who have been out of monitoring since crying" and "Turn off Big Brother style monitoring for fearful Chinese workers" Does not match the fact of the story.

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