These are the very best SSDs available for Windows PCs

  Samsung 970 EVO Plus

The best
Solid State Drive (SSD) for Windows PC
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The Samsung 970 EVO Plus is really exceeding the performance limits of your pocket right now for consumer SSDs, and it's impossible not to recommend it.

Better overall: Samsung 970 EVO Plus

  Samsung 970 EVO Plus

Samsung did something amazing with the 970 EVO Plus, offering a performance that matches (even replaces) at 970 PRO but without the incredible price. The 970 EVO Plus is based on Samsung's latest 96-layer V NAND memory, and with the series at an affordable price for 256 GB storage capacity, this is an extremely attractive SSD.

Read and write speeds are 3500 MB / s and 3300 MB / s, respectively. It is super fast.

Samsung 970 EVO Plus offers fast but affordable SSD performance.

Numerous features of the 970 EVO Plus match other Samsung NVMe SSDs, including the 5-year warranty and overall driving resistance. Where this little black stick differs is in its performance, if you are chasing the fastest possible writing speeds, this is the one for you.

The only drawback of the 970 EVO Plus is the requirement of an M.2 slot, which not everyone can have available. Modern motherboards usually come with a replacement one, the same with a laptop, but you should verify that you have a slot ready for this fast SSD.


  • Incredible performance
  • Good value
  • Solid strength
  • 5-year warranty


  • No 2 TB option until April

Best overall

these are the very best ssds available for windows pcs

Samsung 970 EVO Plus

Insane performance at an affordable price

Samsung has long been at the forefront of the SSD market, and its latest is undoubtedly the best with incredible performance.

Runner-up: Samsung 860 EVO [19659026] Samsung 860 EVO "class =" image-large_wm_brw image-large lazy "src =" styles / large_wm_brw / public / field / image / 2018/06/860-evo-2.jpg? itok = 8h_dn8bh "/>

Can do much worse than memory from Samsung.The company's storage solutions are seen as some of the best in the business.That's why we select a Samsung SSD as our best general option here.There is a 5-year warranty on every 860 EVO, and the new owners will enjoy read speeds of up to 550MB / s and write speeds of 520MB / s.

That's not too bad for a SATA SSD. Capacities include 250GB, 500GB, 1TB, 2TB and 4 TB While Samsung's SSDs may be a bit more expensive than competitive alternatives, you should remember that the company claims that you can use ar these units for much more than five years. And that is backed by the extended factory warranty for each unit.


  • Great performance
  • Solid strength
  • Five-year warranty


1568513608 668 these are the very best ssds available for windows pcs

Samsung 860 EVO

Performance you need at an excellent price

The 860 EVO series is Samsung's best-selling solid-state drive (SSD) family and, rightly so, has fantastic value.

Economical SSD: SanDisk SSD Plus

  SanDisk SSD Plus

Moving from a mechanical HDD to an SSD like this SanDisk option is an excellent way to improve responsiveness and the overall performance of your laptop or desktop PC. SanDisk strikes a balance between performance, reliability and affordability with the SSD Plus series, starting at an affordable price.

Do not lose too much because of this, accumulating speeds of 530MB / s and 440MB / s for reading and writing, respectively. It is not as fast as third-party units, such as the Samsung EVO series, for example. But for the price, you are getting a solid SSD from a reputable brand: SanDisk also manufactures some excellent SD cards.

To top it off, you can enjoy a three-year limited warranty. Just don't expect to buy a model larger than 1TB since this capacity is as high as you can.


  • Reliable with a good guarantee
  • Good price
  • Decent performance [19659016] Shock resistant


  • Slower than other SSD
  • Maximum at 1 TB
  • Three-year warranty

Budget SSD

these are the very best ssds available for windows pcs

SanDisk SSD Plus

An economical SSD update

SanDisk SSD Plus is the ideal choice for anyone upgrading from a mechanical unit with a tighter budget.

Best value: Western Digital Blue

  Western Digital Blue

Sporting 560 MB / s and 530 MB / s for read and write speeds, the Western Digital Blue SSD series offers An excellent value. Not only does it have a capacity option for 2.5-inch drives, but there are also M.2 modules to choose from, depending on the slots you have available on the motherboard.

Against other SSDs with similar technology, you won't notice many improvements, if any. Compared to older SSDs, there is a noticeable improvement in software and game loading times, and against an HDD it is an obvious result. If you already have an SSD or some with similar speeds, you probably won't get much when choosing the WD Blue.

However, if you are currently using an HDD for games or a previous generation SSD, the WD is worth considering the blue series. The prices are also not out of this world, which allows you to choose a version of 500 GB and 1 TB at better prices than the units of the competition. You can even upload to 4TB if you need the additional flash storage capacity.


  • Great value
  • Up to 4 TB
  • Choice of SATA or M.2
  • Software
  • Fast performance

Best value

1568513609 641 these are the very best ssds available for windows pcs

Western Digital Blue

Great performance and value

WD took full advantage of 3D NAND technology and introduced the latest version of blue SSDs.

Best SSD NAS: Seagate IronWolf 110

  Seagate IronWolf 110 [19659075] Seagate IronWolf 110

If you are running a server on your Windows 10 PC or need to use an SSD designed to run 24 hours , 7 days a week, the Seagate IronWolf 110 SSD range is just what you need. A NAS is usually composed of NAS-specific mechanical HDDs that are designed for continuous operation, but now providers are also looking for SSD.

This Seagate range will deliver sustained data speeds of up to 560 MB / s (much more than NAS hard drives can achieve) and come with some of the same technologies such as DuraWrite and AgileArray firmware technologies for greater Reliability and endurance for 24/7 operation and multi-user environments.

There is also a five-year limited warranty and two-year data. recovery coverage to further sweeten the agreement. These are excellent small storage devices.


  • Ideal for NAS / server
  • Enhanced reliability
  • Solid performance SATA
  • Designed for 24/7 use


  • Expensive [19659016] Not really for desktop


1568513609 427 these are the very best ssds available for windows pcs

Seagate IronWolf 110

Reliable and fast server storage

Seagate IronWolf NAS SSD is what you would expect from flash storage in a server environment.

Next-generation SSD: Sabrent Rocket

  Sabrent Rocket

Did you think NVMe storage couldn't be faster? Think again since PCIe 4.0 is here. If you have compatible hardware, you can place this SSD in a spare M.2 slot on your motherboard and enjoy some crazy transfer speeds. PCIe 4.0 allows this SSD to reach up to 5,000 MB / s and 4,400 MB / s read and write, respectively.

Otherwise, it simply cannot reach those speeds, which makes PCIe 4.0 exciting to see how far we can push the flash storage. Sabrent also included some interesting features in this SSD, apart from data transfer speeds. It obtains advanced levels of wear, defective block management, error correction, as well as over-provisioning protection to improve reliability and resistance, not to mention the upgradeable firmware.

The only drawback of PCIe 4.0 modules like this is the price. It is a new technology, so be prepared to pay some cash.


  • Ridiculous data speeds
  • Up to 2TB
  • Reliable SSD

Next-generation SSD

1568513609 262 these are the very best ssds available for windows pcs

Sabrent Rocket

Speed ​​of light

In case the current speeds of PCIe 3.0 NVMe are simply not fast enough, PCIe 4.0 appeared and speeds increased considerably.


Depending on the available budget, we recommend the Samsung 970 EVO Plus because it is incredibly fast. Not only do you get excellent read and write speeds, but also a 5-year warranty, high strength and reliability, and a variety of capabilities.

If you cannot justify paying the fairly high price required, our alternative selections are worth considering. When you want to take full advantage of the latest technologies and enjoy the fastest reading and writing speeds, Sabrent has you covered with the blindingly fast Sabrent rocket.

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1568513610 398 these are the very best ssds available for windows pcs

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