There’s no reason to trust Amazon’s Choice

Since Amazon introduced its "Amazon's Choice" label in 2015 to recommend certain products, a skeptical world has been trying to find out what the badge really means, because some items that are "Amazon Choice" should not be.

Even if a product has the badge and seems to have a high score on the stars, you might end up with a stinker you would have been warned if you had done your homework, BuzzFeed reports today.

Some examples: a $ 23 breathalyzer that obviously stole positive comments from completely different products and a $ 20 infant thermometer that the Amazon user himself highlights as a "money loss" tool.

So far, no journalist seems to have received a direct response from Amazon about whether the "Amazon Choice" badge is something a real human has never seen or just an algorithm developed by humans. CNET and Wired each suffered an attack in recent years and did not go much further than The Wall Street Journal did so in 2015. On the site of Amazon, the official description is as follows:

Amazon Choice recommends highly rated products and good price available for immediate shipment.

Although Amazon told BuzzFeed that both humans and robots are involved, he did not explain how … and anyway, it seems that they are falling asleep at work here.

Early last year, noted that Amazon seemed to justify the badge with specific algorithmic reasons, such as if an item had a "low return rate", was "highly qualified" and was popular among the people seeking a specific phrase like "the best toaster oven", but those calls have already disappeared.

The typical statement of Amazon in this regard is the following: "Amazon's choice is only our recommendation, and customers can always ask for specific brands or products if they wish." Amazon's recommendation does not mean much if the recommendation engine is deceived.

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