There’s no official Switch exchange program, says Nintendo

A Nintendo spokesman rejects reports that there is an existing exchange program for new Nintendo Switch owners to change their newly purchased units for the improved model that fell in early July.

A series of reports emerged at the end of last week indicating that the Kyoto-based manufacturer has allowed users to exchange Switch units purchased after July 17 for Version 2, provided they cover shipping and insurance costs Shipping These reports came after the silent release of the updated version of Nintendo Switch, which now has a better battery life of up to 9 hours.

However, in a statement to The Verve, a company spokesman says that in reality "I don't have a Nintendo Switch exchange program."

But, they are receiving exchange requests

Even so, not everything is lost. While there is no official Switch exchange program, that does not mean you cannot exchange yours.

These Nintendo reports allowing exchanges have been corroborated by many users who have had a similar experience, and one user says they even made an exception for him, although he ordered his on July 14, since his delivery date was the 19. In addition, Polygon contacted Nintendo's customer service department and confirmed that they are in fact receiving exchange requests.

Even the statement by the Nintendo spokesman to The Verve seems to imply this unofficial exchange policy: “We always want players to enjoy their Nintendo Switch Systems, and if something gets in the way, we encourage them to visit http : // for assistance or contact our customer support team. "

Of course, despite the improved battery life, there is no obvious difference between the previous version and the current, according to a review. If up to three more hours of juice is something worth paying for shipping costs, not to mention, being on hold for a long time, it can't hurt to call them to see if you can exchange yours also. [19659009]

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