There’s a plane flying around New York with a ‘subscribe to PewDiePie’ banner

Just one day after Felix "PewDiePie" Kjellberg called fans to finish the "Subscribe to PewDiePie" meme, a plane with a banner with the exact message that flies through New York City.

Kjellberg watched the plane tour New York with more than 21,000 fans on DLive, a broadcast site he had partnered with earlier this month. The promotion, organized by fans to celebrate Kjellberg's ninth anniversary on YouTube today, happened despite the fact that Kjellberg requested the end of yesterday's meme after several incidents in which it was used for hate purposes in recent months.

In March, a massive shooter in New Zealand made a live attack on two mosques, which left more than 50 dead, and referred to the movement " Subscribe to PewDiePie "in the live broadcast Before that, the phrase was recorded on the side of a World War II memorial in a park in Brooklyn In a video yesterday, Kjellberg said the move" Subscribe to PewDiePie " It should have ended "after the massive shooting.

Despite a call for the meme to end, Kjellberg celebrated the flag flying around New York with his fans. He told viewers while broadcasting on DLive that he did not consider it a malicious use of the meme, adding that it is "a nice little summary".

"Just to make it clear that they planned it for a long time, so obviously they could not change it," Kjellberg said in the broadcast. "They would have it if they could, but it's a good intention, the meme is over, do not take it for granted, of course, someone will do it, as always."

The banner and flight time cost more than $ 4,500 According to a poster for the celebration event, another description on the bill says that the cost was "financed by the army of 9 years", a reference to what PewDiePie fans refer to as "jokingly". Five camera operators are positioned in New York City to broadcast the event live.

Many creators, including Ethan Klein of H3H3, also rejected the meme after the attack in New Zealand, saying the joke was no longer fun While some people within the YouTube community see the meme as a stance in YouTube's current culture: a fight between David and Goliath between Kjellberg, an independent creator, and T-Series, a mega Bollywood corporation that recently or exceeded in subscribers. Kjellberg, for playing with the racist connotations that the meme took with a couple of dissenting clues that he launched to promote the career of subscribers. Kjellberg addressed the accusations in his video about the meme, saying that while he said it as a "funny and ironic joke," he still offended people.

"They were not meant to be taken seriously," Kjellberg said. "This negative rhetoric is something that I do not agree with, and I want it to stop."

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