The YouTube Gaming app is shutting down this week

The standalone application for YouTube Games will close on May 30. YouTube announced the imminent closure last year, saying the split had caused "confusion" among game fans. Instead, it integrated the service into its main application, launching a game-centric center that has largely replaced the old YouTube Games.

On a help page, YouTube directs fans of the remaining YouTube Games to this newer center. Subscriptions of YouTube and YouTube games have also been merged, although people will apparently lose the list of games they have saved. "We launched YouTube Gaming as a standalone application for gamers, where we tested new features based on comments from the gaming community," explains the page. "We want to continue to build a stronger home for the gaming community that thrives on YouTube."

YouTube Gaming was launched in 2015. YouTube promoted it as a way to improve the live streaming experience and keep irrelevant content away from gaming fans. in addition to being a test bed for functions such as channel memberships and a dark mode. However, according to the company, most users were still watching video games in the main application, and many did not even understand what YouTube Gaming was for. Their best features later came to the central platform, where many more people actually saw them.

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