The World Wide Web turns 30: our favorite memories from A to Z

Thirty years ago, Tim Berners-Lee submitted a proposal to senior members of the European Physical Laboratory CERN under the name "Information Management".

It began by asking how future scientists track their information. A growing project. "This proposal provides answers to those questions."

He explained that the proposal would turn into the World Wide Web in just two years. The planet communicated.

At that time, connected computer networks continued to operate and grow for decades. People sent e-mails, shared files, turned bulletin boards, and even created the first emoticon.

However, until the advent of the World Wide Web, the Internet began to grow. Web browsers, Web pages, and hyperlinks made it easy to find and move information, and the core code was public so anyone could create their own browser or Web site.

Over the last 30 years, the main part of the web has come and gone. They made us laugh and hurried, wasting our time, finding friends and transforming the world in the process.

On our anniversary, we had so many good things to include, as well as some key figures and skills from A to Z, so we had to pay attention to some additional favorites along the way.

the world wide web turns 30 our favorite memories from a to z


The web has become a hot spot for quick shopping, and nothing better than Amazon. What began as an online bookstore was rapidly expanded and we soon consumed many brands we knew and loved. Using Amazon nowadays is inevitable. It is a voice pilot. It's a cloud, a gourmet grocery chain that accounts for a significant portion of the sites you use, and you buy almost nothing. BuzzFeed

BuzzFeed BuzzFeed From the Cat GIF to the Individuality Quiz to the "Dress" BuzzFeed is the crucial It was one of the voices, and it was good to create viral content. The opaque voice rippled the imitation site and tried to create the entire online media industry for the millennium. of course. The Onion has launched a satirical website in ClickHole and BoJack Horseman which are the perfect pitch versions of the click voy site. BuzzFeed

Other Favorites: Badgers, Blogger

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Cascading style sheets make it easier to create beautiful and usable web pages by distinguishing how the page looks . How pages are combined in HTML. More importantly, using CSS has made it easier to learn how to create cute and useful web pages. You can use your browser to inspect the code on your site and start messing up the entire page. ( Microsoft spoiled the Web coder's life through strange boxing models and other broken CSS implementations.) Coding a particular browser is still at least as bad as it once was not. Change the fonts of your favorite web pages because you can.

Craigslist, cat videos

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The computer has won the world wide web and the world wide web has been born. Twitter, so gracefully gave us the wonder of the strange Twitter. Dril The man who raised the class played a crucial role in defining what it means to be online: "I did not own it!" I slowly contradicted and turned it into corn. As with drilling, we all ignore the advice of our beloved ones and refuse to log off forever.

Other Favorites: Digg, DeviantArt

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Sit down somewhere between Amazon's specialty stores and full free stores of Craigslist eBay – a place for indirect online purchases. Some online marketplaces include aftermarket auto parts in indirect clothing EBay will sell all its products Nowadays, eBay's dating interface is often creaky with the weight to eat for everyone, but there are a lot of things that you can not do. eBaum 's World, Etsy

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Flickr [19659025] 2004: Digital cameras and social like Myspace and Friendster There was a media site, but there was no real way to share photos, then Flickr turned around and changed everything: upload a huge batch of photos from a backpacking trip, share it with friends, wake up from a tent cast in the shadow of a glacier with the click of a button It was an amazing feeling to recreate the experience. Flickr's clean and attractive interface I was able to do it through the website and there was no typical confusion and noise from the initial website Flickr was a digital gallery, an online photography museum for professionals and amateurs.

Other Favorites: Fark, Flash Game

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Close your eyes and imagine the dream geocity page. Maybe there are sparkling clip art or tiled backgrounds. Because you can not find an image that is large enough to fill the screen without being stretchy or strange. However, while you make your decision, putting a hard hat and a construction worker's GIF with a "under construction" sign will give visitors good news.

Other Favorites: Google Reader, GIF

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I never invented email on the web and I wrote it at least 20 years ago. . Webmail, however, made e-mail easy to use and widely accessible. Hotmail was one of the first webmail sites released in 1996 and has provided services that anyone can use as an alternative to their ISP products. The initial Web was chosen because Hotmail founders Sabeer Bhatia and Jack Smith included references to HTML ("HoTMaiL").

Other Favorites: HTML, hashtags

1552398786 179 the world wide web turns 30 our favorite memories from a to z

Internet Archive

It will take longer than ever to consume a large portion of the Internet archive. 4.9 million movies, 5.1 million audio recordings, and 410,000 free games including classic games. But they are all pale compared to the most important thing that the Internet archives hold, namely the Internet itself. There is no better place to view the Web than the 34.9 billion Web pages stored in the Way Archive Machine in the Internet Archive and to see the long-forgotten things that have been forgotten. (19659035) Jennifer Ringley began broadcasting every moment in her college dorm room in a rugged way, with photos uploaded every 15 minutes in 1996, She was one of the first people to share her life online without a filter, and now offers the intimacy and intimacy that we are taking for granted to digital celebrities. She also says that since Jennicam's dark 2003, The reason for her stay was one of the first people to discover the pitfalls of Internet fame, including exhaustion after years of surviving her life

Other Favorites: JSTOR, Java on the Brain [19659038] Knowing Meme

The Internet is constantly changing, remixing and changing very good mem Once upon a time there was a social network (many in the twenty-first century), and many people (with very confused aliases) In 2007, LiveJournal was sold to a Russian media company, and the original contributor, who was a member of the Russian media company, Many of them eventually took me to Facebook, Twitter and other overseas sites, and live journals still live well.

My favorites:, Liquid Swords tweets

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My Immortal [19659045] Web accessibility has spawned fan fiction. The Renaissance has inevitably made many fantasies of displeasure and self- It pulled example, caused a deliberate parody on those fantasies. The fascinating thing about My Immortal is that none of them are certain . Tara Gilesbie, a teenage girl named Pirate Porter Pirate Porter Were the fan story about a ghost vampire witch named "Ebony Darkness Demented Crow Road"? Was Tara himself a fictional creation? Or Was My Immortal a real project for a street change? The "real" author appeared in a memoir in 2017, but the publisher found that it filled much of the story. Just added more layers to the mystery. Netflix

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It was legendary to break down the threat of a blockbuster, but Netflix has thoroughly redefined how and where to watch movies on DVD rental services. We quickly switched to full digital digital streaming services. And TV. Netflix is ​​now into popular culture. The phrase "Netflix and chill" has become a meme and is now a safe way to talk to familiar people through the latest original shows. The streaming service will start in 2019 and Netflix will be at the top.

Newgrounds, Neopets

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As online dating goes to mainstream, OkCupid is an endless leady (very important) quiz. Since then, the compatibility measure of the site has gone out of style by preferring simple swiping, but OkCupid's quirky approach makes the site and user feel like a kind of joke about the inherent awkwardness of what they know. Oh Joy Sex Toy Onion

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How did society evolve without pornhub? We are going to dive through trash cans to find abandoned porn mites like an excited pizza rat. It is desperate to abandon our booty against the spectators' glare. That's right. There are cultural drawbacks that make many porn movies free to use. But Fortub encouraged people to fly their bizarre banners. It and sites like it have helped many people find the intimacy surrounding their quirky fetishism since they began with the "Niches" section in 2007.

Other favorites: PostSecret, The Pirate Bay

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The facts are as follows. QWOP is a game. Created 11 years ago by moral philosopher, game designer, former Cut Copy bassist Bennett Foddy. And it is devilishly hard. Games are not about winning or losing. It is more meditation about rewards, punishment, and how tolerant you are. QWOP was not the most fun flash game, but it was one of the few features to feel more than one of the buttons. Digg has come first, but Reddit is a community centered around a vibrant community that is interested in everything from cat photography to advice through beauty products to user-centered [Icreatedanewssiteforyou"ThefirstpageoftheInternet"isaplacewherepeoplerelaxfindcuriosityandgotofindtheirheartItwassometimesaproblemandRedditisstilldealingwiththatrepercussionsbutthesitedoesnotlikebeingafixtureandsomethingelse

Other Favorites: RSS, Rickroll

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Strong Bad [19659066] The beauty of Strong Bad is that you do not need to know anything. Humor is self-evident. Lucha Libre Masked Cartoon Antihero cynically answers fan mail in the lowest text interface imaginable. But in the early 2000s it was low-tech. Animated Flash Web comics have jumped from the screen on very few methods on the web. The Strong Bad Email series was popular on the web because it was small in size and emanating itself. Tim Berners-Lee

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Tim Berners-Lee

Tim Berners-Lee

Tim Berners-Lee

The Guitar Hero II is the instant death metal classic including "Trogdor the Burninator"


1552398787 418 the world wide web turns 30 our favorite memories from a to z

did not call it the World Wide Web more than 30 years ago. The WWW project was ambitious and interesting from the start. But even an inventor could hardly imagine the explosion of personal and commercial uses of the Web.

Tim Berners-Lee continues to use the World Wide Web Consortium, which sets common standards like HTML5, and the World Wide Web Foundation, which supports the free and open Web, It plays a role in leading development. Supporting Internet neutrality, Berners-Lee can use his celebrities to encourage governments and international organizations to maintain the creative spirit of the Web. Tumblr, Trojan Room coffee port

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The Uniform Resource Locator (URL) is a gorgeous string of code that builds this entire web component. There are things that do not exist on the web without an address string to identify the site's location. Like most Web-related things, URLs have never been designed for the ultimate ubiquity realized. Web inventor Tim Berners-Lee admitted that each URL does not technically require a double slash at the beginning of the URL. He can get rid of it if he can go back in time.

Other Favorites: Urban Dictionary

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vBulletin is not the first and only software running a web forum, but I liked it. In the Facebook era, the forum is still an essential layer of the web. Themed communities gather, talk and debate (unfortunately) are places to plot. vBulletin has made it easier for you to create, manage, and evaluate your community. A unique setting called "Tachy Goes to Coventry" adds users to the global ignore list without warning that no one was watching what they were typing.

Vine, vlogs

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Wikipedia is a free encyclopedia that anyone can edit. Wikipedia is a living reflection of modern culture. Since starting in 2001, "Do not trust the Internet" (children, do not quote Wikipedia on your homework!) Truth mediator (children, checking Wikipedia before deciding to land a moon was a trick!). The hypertext structure stimulates intellectual curiosity. (I'm linking to Wikipedia's Wikipedia page, but there are three more items to read and I do not want to click on the next link.)

Other favorites: WordPress, Web 2.0

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XKCD [19659083] XKCD has been used only since 2006, but it is hard to imagine without the Internet. It is expressed in a web comic of romance, satire, mathematics and language, covers all topics and is suitable for the classic saying "there is an associated XKCD for everything". Face-free sticks are easy to use. Project yourself into a comic, whether it's a single panel or a big company that takes you through a click-and-drag adventure.

1552398789 488 the world wide web turns 30 our favorite memories from a to z


1552398789 488 the world wide web turns 30 our favorite memories from a to z


The search engine built the web, and Yahoo is the biggest, the longest and the longest in survival. Yahoo has become a number of websites that provide news, markets, sports, etc. and have set up links to Yahoo mailboxes on the same page. Yahoo's homepage is one of the most visited sites on the web even though its influence is less. The company was acquired by Verizon two years ago, and it is embarrassing to have wasted Flickr.

Other Favorites: YTMND, YouTube

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