The Windows Insider program started five years ago today – Happy Anniversary!

  Windows Insider Program - Jason

While we expect that much of Microsoft's much-publicized October event will focus directly on a large number of the company's hardware ads, there have been rumors that there may be some time reserved for reference new software that comes in the form of Windows Lite or Windows 10 X.

Windows Lite or 10 X, if announced, would presumably join the company's old Windows 10 development, and give it to the growing Windows 10 group Insider and a new test bench for the evolution of Microsoft software.

That said, the Windows 10 Insider program today celebrates its fifth year of software testing and feedback loop. On October 1, 2014, Microsoft opened the doors to its Windows 10 Insider Program before the official launch of Windows 10 on July 25, 2015. In many ways, the Windows 10 Insider Program was an evolved version of the Windows 8 beta program

Despite the super-secret nature of former Windows division president Steven Sinofsky and the development of his Windows 8 team, there were several beta versions that were released during development that allowed application and IT developers interested, access features and early codes, similar to the Windows Insider program.

The beta versions of Windows 8 were carried out until the release of Windows 8.1, but apparently they were replaced by a new form of public test that allowed higher levels of communication between Windows users and engineers, officially called the Windows Program Insider

Since October 1, 2014, millions of developers, IT professionals, players and casual users have signed up and participated in interactive events. understand and express their opinions, helping to shape the current state of Windows 10.

Many argue that despite their apparently beneficial nature to both, it has been five difficult years for both users and the Windows team as filters Feedback and multitude of PC configurations have resulted in accessibility issues, errors, crashes, driver support issues, delayed versions and more.

However, as frustrating as being a Windows 10 Insider can be sometimes, millions continue to participate and Microsoft continues to seek comments.

With the potential of the Windows Lite or Windows X software development path that focuses on the future of desktop computing by potentially eliminating much of the UI and UX inherited from Windows 10, being part of the Windows Program Insider today could mark the beginning of another event held annually.

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