The US government is reportedly trying to persuade allies to stop using Huawei equipment

The US government is attempting to persuade allies to stop using Huawei equipment due to security fears, according to the report Wall Street Journal . Sources claim that US government officials have met counterparts in Germany, Japan, and Italy, and are reportedly considering offering financial incentives to countries that do not use the Chinese manufacturer.

Already this year the US has banned government use of Huawei-made equipment and refuses to let retail stores on military bases sell Huawei handsets. However, there are now fears that US military bases located abroad are vulnerable to hacking attempts.

Though the worst-case scenario of China-made telecom equipment has been used in the past five years, cybersecurity fears. Although Huawei maintains that it operates independently from its government, he does not claim to be an agent of the Chinese government. The heads of the FBI, CIA and NSA have all warned against phones and other services made by the manufacturer.

Wary of these concerns, Huawei opened a UK center designed to check for security faults and backdoors while a government oversight board later said it offered "limited assurance." A similar center opened in Germany this month.

WSJ article, Huawei expressed its surprise and said it was related to the efforts of the US allies. "If a government's behavior extends beyond its jurisdiction," it said, "such activity should not be encouraged."

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