The US Army will test armored robotic vehicles in 2020

The US Army says it will conduct a realistic test of a new robotic combat vehicle next year. Tests will not ultimately include vehicles that enter combat, but will be used to show how the various technologies that will later be incorporated into the platform and how the soldier will eventually take advantage of the battlefield.

The RCV is built on an M113 armored car carrier and controlled by a military soldier named Mission Enabler Technologies-Demonstrators (MET-Ds) upgraded to Bradley Fighting Vehicle. MET-D will be equipped with a camera and remote turret, and the crew will be controlled by a touch screen panel.

The first phase of the test begins in Fort Carson, Colorado in March, with a pair of MET-D vehicles and RCVS. Each MET-D is controlled by four soldiers who control a pair of RCVs to assess maneuvers, catchers and sub-team level maneuvers. The Ground Vehicle System Center and the Next Generation Combat Vehicle Cross Function Team of the Army's Combat Capability Development Order will investigate the results and adjust the tests in the future.

The next step will be bigger: Infantry units will test out RCVs in May next year, and in the second half of 2021, six MET-D and four M113 RCVs and four lightweight RCVs and mid- We plan to perform the maneuver. The third phase consists of six MET-Ds, four M113 RCVs, and four medium and large RCVs in 2023.

The Army has been working for years to develop armored vehicles, The car is not really an actual robot. It is a surrogate vehicle designed to simulate future platforms. This test is not about vehicle performance, but how the driver is using it, and learning how to attack the enemy without using a future robotic vehicle to evacuate the soldier directly to the fire suppression line.

David Centeno Jr. of the Emerging Capabilities Office at the Center calls the army "when it fires" to find a way to infiltrate that bubble, attack their system and allow freedom, aircraft and ground maneuvers " . This robotic system is a mobile platform with a camera and a gun, which allows soldiers outside the range to point to the fire line. The car is expected to be smaller and faster than the crew car the army currently has. Because they do not actually transport people, they do not need to take off their gloves heavily and can spend more space on weapons and fuel.

The Army is currently working to develop a future RCV platform. In May, six teams on a Texas course had a demonstration testing eight remote control robots. Through this demonstration, the army learned the best way to build a vehicle of the future and what role it would play in the future battlefield.

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